Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trump Retools, Trumped by his Own Tool

Donald Trump, he of the most ridiculous "hairdo"
for a "hair's done" male in America, has himself
been forced back to the drawing board. Not a natty
draftsman, but a batty one, his "forcing Obama
to reveal his long form birth certificate" has
in turn forced The Donald back to the political
drafting table for a new tool. (He really should
have taken up Physics, where he would have learned
about action/reaction pairs.)

The latest attempt to "legally" discredit the sitting
president involves highly dubious ruminations regarding
Mr. Obama's college transcripts. What a weak tool Trump
now employs! He must have forgotten/not known what
a drunken, poor student Bush II was, that he got into
Yale on a "legacy" provision, that other U.S. presidents
such as Lincoln and Truman couldn't boast of formal, stellar
scholarship....which didn't make them poor presidents any
more than his Princeton background made Wilson a great one.

President Obama, of course, didn't help himself either,
earlier on. Back in the heady days of Campaign 2008, he
should have released the long form. To have delayed on
such a serious constitutional challenge was not politically
sound; every scurrilous aspersion/attack need not be
answered, but the important ones MUST be.

Meanwhile, Trump should trash his current, crude attack
on the president. Pursuant to his First Amendment privileges,
The Donald can critique away. The best tool of all
would be a relevant fact; finding one is just too hard
for the Trumpster.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ashamed to be a Woman, Again

--Not again! A woman killed herself and her children
because her idiot husband cheated on her? Why involve the
kids? An insult to this female's womanhood comes
before the children's welfare? The pathetic story has
now been told by the intrepid ten year old sibling who
saved himself at the last moment.

Of course it's happened before. Who ARE these low-class
females? --Cases of arrested development, period, oh so
high school. No man is THAT important. How desperate, crazy
and stupid must any woman be to kill kids as some misplaced
revenge ("--I'll show HIM, hah!"). I'm betting that as he's
the stepfather, this cheater is less than destroyed over such
a needless tragedy.

Sometimes I'm sorely tempted to propose legislation that adults
must be psychologically tested as fit before being permitted to
bring others into this world.

Meanwhile, in addition to being embarrassed to be a human,
I'm ashamed to be a woman, AGAIN.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Knaves

The Big Lie is alive, well and kicking, while
an urgent deadline's clock is ticking. The
current stumbling block to passing a bill
to continue funding the federal government
is IDEOLOGICAL, period. Who are Congessional
Republicans and Democrats kidding?

If our national debt total is about 14 trillion,
how is killing Planned Parenthood, Head Start
and a few other programs going to resolve that
debt? The agreed-upon amount of cuts now totals
an unimpressive amount, far less than 100 billion.
Rep. Boehner's "principled digging in" represents
nothing more than appealing to his base. --What??
Can't the rep and/or his supporters add? Actually,
they don't care to. It's one set of sacred cows
against another set. Republicans, though, would
rather increase U.S. debt by funding sexy technology
(new nukes and warplanes) and only very slightly
decrease it by slashing programs to the poor.

The USA's GDP is about the same amount as the debt;
economists used to say that average, more or less
solvent Americans carried debt equal to one year's
income. So why all the horrified howls now?

How about an honest exploration/explanation of
the issues, NOW? If it's really just simple ignorance,
head back to grammar school math class.

If not, it's obfuscating orotund blather out of the
mouths of knaves.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Real Civilization Built on More Than Pride, Prejudice and Profit

Certain words get tossed about with surprising impunity.
One of these is "civilization". Has anybody ever SEEN one?
Please don't belabor/berate the obvious: if you think
wealth and impresive architecture inevitably denote
civilization, you and I will surely move on to a stiff

Since most of the imperialistic colonizers were unable
to control overpopulating their original homelands, how
did they become masters of the universe? Why, by the tried
and true methods effective for thousands of years: explora-
tions, military "adventures", conquests, occupations, etc.
"Oh, was this your country? Sorry, it's OURS now." (Usually
there's no apology tendered, though. After all, if I want
something, it's my right to get/have, no??)

--NO!! Civilization to ME means being kind and non-exploitative,
among many other fine qualities I rarely see exhibited among the
Western nations guilty of the lion's share of colonialism. I do
see one annoyingly stupid quality expressed time after time;
public statement of "innocent" dismay and confusion, to wit:
"Why do so many other countries hate us?"

Gee, let me get this, lemme! What reaction can anyone expect
when strangers come in, kill, change your way of life, and start
sucking your natural resources dry?--Hugs, thanks and kisses?

So again: a real civilization must be built on more than
pride, prejudice and profit. When it isn't, I call it
"the victor took the spoils", again.