Thursday, June 18, 2009

Errors Galore, These and More

How to choose? I've noticed so many wrong statements and actions lately my head
is spinning! But here are a few:

(1) What was the cousin thinking? She leaves a two year old girl, her cousin, in an UNLOCKED
car, while she runs into a convenience store. When she returned, the child was missing. Why is it
sooo much work to carry a two year old into a store? How careless, thoughtless, and lazy, are the people who employ such a "shortcut"?

(2) The author of a new children's book is spreading a bad idea: It's ok to feed pets chocolate.
But dogs and cats can't eat chocolate, it can be fatal. Sugar Would Not Eat It, by Emily Jenkins,
tells the tale of a cat owner who attempts to feed his cat chocolate cake; the cat, sensibly, turns
up her nose at this treat, refusing it. I didn't read this book, only a review, but if Ms. Jenkins doesn't emphasize the dangers of chocolate here, she is doing a great disservice to pets everywhere.

(3) Now to PETA: Oh good grief, leave Mr. Obama alone! He didn't kill a butterfly or a ladybug,
but a housefly. These insects are filthy, not caring where they alight, such as on a pile of dog
detritus, and they bite. So why the great hue and cry? PETA needs to find something else
to DO.

(4) Then there is the storm chaser who took his 8 and four year old sons along while chasing a giant tornado, getting WAY too close. Where was the boys' mother? Did she approve? What is wrong with this father, anyway? How about the local child welfare authorities, they also dropped
the ball here.

(5) There is also the father who abused his children, one of which is only three, on network TV.
He favored smacking them in the mouth, frequently walking around the house clutching a leather belt. Why didn't the network notify police? It took a neighbor, watching the show, to be alarmed
enough to make that call.

I'm beginning to believe adults who want to have children should be required to be tested and
licensed before being allowed such a privilege.