Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Disses" and "Disses": Moderate Republicans vs. United States John Speaker Boehner in the U. S. House

At least, at last! As I've been predicting, the elected
moderates will rise and turn, join most of the sensible
people left in America--and reject you, Mr. Speaker,
now that you have shown the entire world that you think
you have more power than a PRESIDENT, for golly
sakes. I'm so happy the moderates in your party have
openly DISAPPROVED of your latest, most serious

Breaking protocol as you did, by inviting Bebe Netanyahu
(Israel's p.m.) to the U.S. without first informing the White
House finally yanked the scales off of anyone's eyes with
half a rational brain left. (By the way, has anyone heard
from Grover Norquist lately? How many loyalty oath
signatures has he had signed by members of the U.S.
House recently, hmmn?)

It was racism married to jealousy and hubris, pure and
simple, which propelled you, JOHN, to DIS our
president. I'll make this personal: you aren't as smart,
well-read, educated or even well-liked as Mr. Obama.
Spoiler Alert, withering sarcasm ahead: [As John wrings
his hands: Oh, horrors! A Democrat, a Black man,  is
our president, what to do, what to do?? Why, I know,
we'll stall every action emanating from across the aisle
and the White House, embarrassing and hurting the
entire country, no less, BUT, who cares?? It's all about
ME, me, me....] A few conscientious Republicans,
however, did and do care.

I'm trying to find a video of this major turning point
in DC, and keep it as election season rolls along...
I'll also be spreading it around, as hundreds of others
doubtlessly will...

Disapproval vs. disrespect, a powerful counter-
balance in this era of political and philosophical
extremes. Perhaps now we can get back to
work and fix our ailing nation.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Market:Volatility will run amok and wipe out the steady gains of late the too good to be true maxim has been borne out...
mind numbingly, yet again. Our national (and world) vaycay
from high oil prices at the pump will end before Spring.

The King of Saudi Arabia has died this week at the age of
about 90. By the way, he had every right to; it's only a true
tragedy to those who loved and appreciated him, yet they
will count many millions. He served for decades, tried
to (and did) get along with the West, with very different
traditions and practices between our two major, diverse
geographical imperatives and our two nations in particular.
For the most part, he succeeded.

Even as the most influential member of OPEC, ( as Saudi
Arabia has possessed, still might, the world's largest
PROVEN petroleum reserves), their King would not blindly
agree with his fellow Arabs, as they and others often bitterly
complained. A powerful Arab cartel, yes, lockstep unity? --
all across the Arab Nations in the Middle East?--no.
Extremely unlikely, I rashly predict. The Bathist dream
will not occur soon. There, tribal, ever-quarrelsome, violent and
destructive behavior is so entrenched, (try for centuries) there
(and here), it is simply accepted because it happens; i.e., it's
dressed up as a legitimate cultural imperative merely because
it is so frequent.  

How can a social, historical phenomenon be boring and
upsetting at the same time? That is my perspective today
...I might be more mellow and understanding tomorrow;
but banking on it is no more a stable proposition than that
of the markets.

Over the next few weeks or so, there will be an accumulated,
accentuated volatility situation in worldwide markets because
 of the loss of this strong Middle East leader's stability, control
and command. Watch the DJIA (DOW) in February and March;
for significant losses/gains, as well as all around the world's many
other and different exchanges.

Please don't be shocked, such wide swings have happened
pretty routinely since 911. Our country was baptized into
the rest of long-standing Earth historical reality after that,
and we are weaker now; most everybody else but Americans
realize it.

Generally, people only remember two or three stats of earth-
shaking importance (paradigm shifts.) They often occur in
irregular intervals: "all at once", or once every 100 years,
roughly. I sincerely wish there were "regular shifts" in such
global affairs--alas, no.

Creeping chaos (anarchy, actually) marches on, as the Lemming
season of  Run Amok begins again. Hope I'm wrong.


P.S.: Yes, the Saudis' society was /is positively antediluvian,
not allowing women to drive, severe alcoholic beverage
restrictions, and more. Are all these severities acceptable?
No...yet internationally, the now dead Saudi Arabian King
kept his cool, a very helpful attribute. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

I am Not Charlie--and Neither is Pope Francis

...because we can distinguish between normal free
speech matters and relentless ridicule of a world-wide
religious figure.

Charlie Hebdo simply wants to make its rep by
inflaming passions--even if it incites violence.
What, are they angling for that bad blast back to
the past, religious wars?

Let me explain this so anyone can get it:
some concepts are beyond law or legalities.
Most people will willingly obey ordinary legal
behavior, but many regard their religious
convictions above conventional law. Whether
this is right or wrong I won't debate here--but
this phenomenon is observed fact. Only
dangerous and irresponsible persons persist
in ignoring reality with such tactics.

Charlie Hebdo has no legitimate reason
to spoof  The Prophet, Jesus, Buddha, etc.
(other than cheap, degrading attempts at
humor).  They should confine themselves
to addressing problems of the day, or the
well-known human foibles...but being
unendowed with even my cat's sense of
self-preservation, they probably won't.

I am not Charlie Hebdo, and according to
a recent speech, Pope Francis isn't either.
Some internal media restraint would not
go amiss.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Terror Avenges No One; No Lessons Learned from Earlier Missteps

Paris is on high alert this morning after 12 people were killed
at a magazine office. The terrorists were heard to cry out,
"The Prophet has been avenged." How do they know what
anyone is thinking, much less a long-dead religious figure?
Mind reading is a seldom-accurate endeavor at best. Killing
a few innocent people is a terrible tragedy, but not any
kind of major game-changer, so exactly what revenge do
these murderous idiots feel has been exacted?

The magazine, Charlie Hebdo, didn't particularly help
itself by spoofing the Prophet; the editors, artists and/or
writers apparently paid precious little heed to the similar
newspaper cartoon episode in Denmark a few years
back. Free speech and freedom of the press should
always include a healthy dollop of considered
circumspection--because one is able to do a thing,
is it wise in fact to do it? 

Somewhere, George Santayana is tsk-tsking.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Will Be One to Watch

I haven't made up my mind what to resolve in 2015, with a few
exceptions. I hope to be clearer, calmer and kinder; on the
political front, I'll be watching the run up to the presidential
election, as well as the conduct of Congressional
Republicans in general.

So here are a few action items of interest in the coming year:

(1) Keep an eye on Russia. The more problematic her
economy, the more she may rattle her sabers.

(2) Support Mr. Obama on his next few intended
vetoes, particularly regarding attacks on the ACA
and the Keystone Pipeline, which will bring the USA
no new energy.

(3) Make sure the Republican Party understands
and supports the U.S. Constitution, especially
Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5, which denies
Sen. Ted Cruz legal standing to become President
of the United States.

(4)  Study the Middle East and push politicians
to advance sane, humane  policies there, which
does not include over-investing and occupations.

Let's keep our eyes open in 2015; it will be one
to watch.