Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syria, Red Lines, Red States and a"Blue Wave"

Two nights ago the USA conducted a "surgical
strike" against the Assad regime in Syria. We were
assured by Sec. Defense Mattis and  Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford that this
operation would produce little collateral damage
(innocent civilians). We have the U.K. and France
on our side for this outing, so a semblance of
statesmanship provides a veneer of respectability
in many quarters save Russia and her orbit.

Mr. Obama misspoke about declaring a red line
in Syria but then didn't follow through, making him
look weak. So as to outdo Obama, The Don decided
to be "stronger and greater", therefore, this air strike
to presumably destroy Assad's chemical weapons

I'm ill right now so won't be doing much research,
but here are two key questions:

(1) Will the Allies' air strikes spread the lethal
chemicals further? Is it possible?

(2)  Will voters in Red States come to their senses
and  create enough of a "Blue Wave" to create
changes in the House and the Senate come
November 6th, 2018? Is THAT possible?

Here is what my crystal ball tells me: if the
Democrats and moderate Republicans don't
get serious starting NOW, they will repeat
their lackluster performances of years past--
don't they remember that the right wing is
fiendishly organized? No one can  take for
granted easy wins in the midterms.

Of course,  before then, the KGB's Putin
might initiate WWIII, which could make
all sadly, destructively irrelevant-- States,
waves, and even colors like Red and Blue.