Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Devoted Friend Has Left Me: Gary the Cat

Gary died on May 20th at the ripe old age of 21, about
100 in human years. I wish that realization helped, hasn't
yet. He had a distinct personality, played hide and seek
with me; we raced up and down the stairs at one place
where we lived; he twitched his ear five times after I'd
give him five kisses.

I'll always feel guilty about the times I was impatient
with him, yet he seemed to forgive me, joining me at
night in my bed. He tried to communicate with me, but
as I speak very little "Cat", I didn't always understand.
Did he understand when I would tell him I loved him?
Hoping so keeps me going; this place seems so empty
now. There will never be another like him; I will miss
him and love him 'til I die...

Goodbye, my best friend. May your spirit be content
and at peace, wherever you are over the Rainbow

Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss Only Qualified Current Candidate for Governor

Ixnay, away with Kennedy, Pritzker, and Rauner, the
Three Moneyed Musketeers, not what our state needs
to navigate us all out of the deep morass of ineptitude, of
ego, of  greed. Why aren't these men satisfied with the
wealth and position they already possess? Messrs. K
and P have never served in elective office, so that does
disqualify them in my eyes. Gov. "Rich" Rauner isn't up to
snuff, hasn't ameliorated our entrenched problems.

The alderman from Chicago, Ameya Pawar, boasts
scant legislative experience, so he also seems too big
for his britches. I prefer someone who has a record
in Springfield to scrutinize and reflect on. There is only
one extant candidate who qualifies: Il Sen. Dan Biss.

Senator Biss, out of Evanston, is a reasonable, bipartisan-
oriented legislator. He encourages those with opposing
views to first find a few areas of agreement so as to meet
in the middle, eventually approaching consensus, passing
laws benefiting the whole state. Biss has served in the
state capital for five years; before 2012, he was a math
professor at the University of Chicago. So: smart,
experienced, effortful, balanced, not beholden to the rich
--what's not to like and support? The other four really
should stay in the lanes they now occupy (except for
Rauner, of course!).

Let's hear it for Dan the man, our next governor!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Westinghouse Will Not Continue With Nuclear Projects--Great News!

The best news I've heard all week involves Toshiba-owned
Westinghouse, which has declared bankruptcy after years of
error and criminal accounting asset overstating woes. The firm
looks to be backing out of the southern U.S. nuclear projects
in Georgia and South Carolina, both of which are mired in
huge cost overruns and completion delays.

The new nukes, however, aren't exactly dead yet, as Southern
Co. and Scana Corporation are in embattled negotiations with
Westinghouse over the uncompleted nuclear reactors. Suggested
solutions range anywhere from converting the nuclear technology
to gas,  to abandoning  the projects entirely. Westinghouse
wanted out of their agreements with Southern and Scana via their
bankruptcy filing; some decisions are expected early in June.

This world needs more nuclear reactors about as much as we
need more wars; anything that delays or ends more nuclear
construction should be hailed as very good news for the
planet, excepting those interests profiting from said technology.

Sadly, small contractors and employees may well be hurt in
the ongoing kerfuffle, but they are defending themselves
through legal means...

Here's hoping THEY get good news!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Re: Comey: Obama, Trump and a Missed Opportunity

Timing is important, never more so when controversial
decisions are taken at the national level. Trump once
again appears tone deaf, with respect to his firing of FBI
Director James Comey at the height of investigations into
allegations of  the Trump Campaign's colluding with the
Russians. The Don's timing seems suspicious indeed.

President Obama missed an opportunity in October 2016,
when Director Comey publicly shared his decision to reopen
the Clinton personal email case. I would have fired Mr.
Comey right there and then, because of his public,
ill-timed announcement, against all previous protocols
at the FBI. Comey himself had implied he realized his
reopening the Clinton investigation might affect the
election; but subsequently, no charges were filed.

Both presidents, by not acting and acting too tardily,
missed an opportunity and showed poor judgement...

As Mr. Trump recently remarked, the job of U.S.
president isn't as easy as it looks.