Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smart Strength: What We Need NOW

--Gloom and Doom, just in time for the advent of Fall!
Sure, the market tanked today by 3+%, but panic is NOT
advised. We should always remember the market is MOSTLY
a psychological artifact, which has both positive and
negative aspects. Adopting attitudes around positive practices
right now can move the world economy eventually into the
black, despite dispiriting, real, seemingly intractable problems.

"We can fix this; we WILL fix this." Just such a simple
determination is what has gotten humanity through every
other major crisis in its history, a lesson we should
NEVER forget. All further actions and policies must flow
from that resolve.

"We can't give up." No further explication required.

"DON'T panic." Again, self-explanatory.

"Get organized with a step-by step plan." But,
aren't the world's toffs ALREADY doing/implementing
same? I would say....NO. I subscribe to an economics
newsletter put out by a former IMF Chief Economist,
consult other sources, which lead me to conclude,
sadly, there is precious little cogent leadership, be it
corporate, political, or academic. Instead I find fear,
greed, inaccuracy, denial, dithering, not getting down
to brass tacks, sharply partisan politics, etc. Surely
you can supply any lacks I've overlooked.

Smart strength: what we need right now--Let's find some.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"A Sign from God", All Right

Allowing Michelle Bachmann to stick her foot in
her mouth recently was an inspired move from on high,
in my opinion. After her tasteless "joke" that God
sent DC a message via climate upheaval went public,
many on both sides of the political divide excoriated
her, and rightly so. Some things just aren't funny,
a concept Ms. Bachmann plainly doesn't get....

--But she'll get it now, I predict. After 40 lost
lives and billions in damages to be paid by the
taxpayers, whatever support she's enjoyed should
drop off sharply; even conservatives have pity for
disaster victims and destruction.

"A Sign from God"?--yeah, Michelle. Did you get it