Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tweet This: There's More to Life Than North Korea, Immigration, Government Shutdowns and Sex Abuse

Dateline, Mid January 2018:

Re: Our immigration situation, pols and media mavens on CNN,
ABC, CBS, PBS et al. discuss, chew the fat, "analyze" ad
infinitum and ad nauseam -- but conveniently ignore/avoid/
overlook at least one salient fact: illegals, "guest workers"
provide U.S. agribusiness low wage agricultural employees.
These same "no skill" workers are a significant reason the
USA enjoys eating its food for less money than many other
nations' peoples must spend.

The media is NOT indulging in "fake news" a la the Donald. However,
TV coverage is repetitive and narrowly focused... are there really only
four issues of import on the current planet-wide stage?
(1) North Korea
(2) Immigration
(3) Government Shutdown
(4) Sex Abuse

It is time for lazy cable and free TV news reporters and their
assignment editors to provide America with more (read different)
stories worthy of our concerns. Being cheated in this facile manner
endangers all of us, always.

Ironically, local reportage does its due diligence -- we get the weather,
traffic and crime stories we need to know, while not neglecting
human interest features.

Nationally, I find NBC free TV evening news with Lester Holt
the best of the crop. He presides over a varied number of subjects,
not just the worrisome "big four" issues. Lester always spends the
last four to five minutes of his broadcasts with an uplifting,
inspiring story of note. I find him possessed of gravitas but not
gloom, completely (and thankfully) devoid of an idiotic happy,
smiling demeanor while recounting bad/sad/ news.

Memo to CNN: your anchors (especially the female ones) would do
well to adopt Mr. Holt's attitude: he reminds me of Edward R.
Murrow and "Uncle" Walter Cronkite.

Tweet or trumpet that, Celebrity Apprentice in Chief!

Monday, January 8, 2018

An Immodest Proposal: Aspercreme, a Little Dab'l Do Ya

Although this will not rise to the elegance and
sardonic humor of Jonathon Swift, he has
nonetheless inspired this very daring suggestion:

--Men!! I know you are often aroused even at
inconvenient, wildly inappropriate moments;
for those of you not helped by cold showers,
I think I've got it, by Jove, I've got it:

After your A.M. shower but before dressing,
why not apply Aspercreme to the "offending"
little member, to fortify you as you rejoin the
"civilized" (--ahahaHAA, cruel joke/hope, that)
world of work, retail, politics, etc. I know it
helps my shoulder pain--maybe it would solve
this nettlesome, primitive reaction males suffer

Something topical, other than the ingested chemicals
mandated to assist convicted sex-abuse felons may
well be an answer.

For now, Aspercreme gets my vote. It is indeed
greaseless and odorless, quite inexpensive.

Come ON, guys! Try it!