Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Voter Information Trump Desires Does Not Exist

Hey, voters, remember what your ballot looked like?
Has your name ever appeared on any ballot you
have cast? I'm betting the answer is NO. Yet
PBS and other media outlets haven't pointed out
this basic fact--there is no way to know who voted
for Hillary and who voted for Trump, period. The
different states have said they won't surrender their
information, chiefly names and addresses in the judges'
binders--but even if they give up every shred of voter
data they possess, it won't help the Donald.

We have never collected such information. Each ballot
is submitted anonymously, sans name, gender, address.
All that can be known is who was voted for, never by
whom. So why is this voter commission in existence?

What has happened to the sense of the country?
Is everyone high on stupid pills? Let's get down to
brass tacks, which should include the president, who
obviously has forgotten that which he hungers for
does not now exist, and never has.

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Clean Sweep: Let's Have Another Election for President

Here's to invalidating the insanity of November 2016--let's
try again, this time choosing a far more qualified person to
take the White House. Every day fresh revelations regarding
Trump and crew show how little able they are to run even
the tiniest town, much less a large country like ours. The
breadth of  their illegal issues cuts a wide swath indeed--
from a moral standpoint to a constitutional crisis to treason.

To heck with simple impeachment, although this option is
legally available--let's go for a "do over"! Let's mount a
replacement election, thus removing the whole White
House bunch including V.P. Pence.

No, it's never been done; so what?

A clean sweep would be welcome right about now.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ways That the Existence of the Electoral College is Undemocratic

How can a nation of over 320 million be ruled by the decisions
of a mere 538 electors? How is the USA a democracy? Sure,
we have a popular vote, but the real power is with these few
Electors--if the will of the people can be subverted, as in the
elevation of Trump, a highly unqualified person who violates
the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution every day,
it is not reasonable to claim we have a democracy here.

The very way electors are selected, each state matching
the number of their congressional delegation with the same
number of  electors underscores a lack of basic fairness;
the more populous states send more reps to the U.S.
House, giving them more electors. The republican and
democratic party officials pick their states' electors, yet
another manifestation of "the fix is in".

Several House Reps and others have moved to eliminate
this outdated and error-prone feature from our hallowed
document, including former Sen. Barbara Boxer, but don't
expect such a sane change anytime soon. Party loyalty
is at bottom of this system, the evils of which were
discussed in the Federalist Papers dealing with factions.
Let's not forget how important position is to those chosen
to serve as electors--few indeed would surrender such
lofty perches.

Meanwhile, we have a president who flouts the Emoluments
Clause and flirts ignorantly with the wily Russians who are
far more experienced than the current crop in the White House.

...All because of the Electoral College.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Was Right After All: There Is Now No Privacy

Apparently many U.S.  states DO require social security numbers
on voter registration forms, drivers' license numbers and mothers'
maiden names as well. The last illusion of privacy has disappeared
in a puff of smoke-- who knew your state political entities
possessed this vital in formation?--Apparently Zuckerberg did.

Great credit goes to 44 of our fifty states openly defying Trump's
voter information commission, all refusing to release personal,
private data including SSA numbers. Some states say they will
provide public info, nothing more. Research reveals that HOW
one has voted (and for whom) is never kept, so what The Don
seeks has never been available--who voted for Clinton vs. who
voted for Trump. Time, money and hot air grind on, however.

Agent Orange, AKA Trump, looks back rather than ahead.
He knows his presidency is not quite legitimate, as Clinton won
the popular vote by almost three million votes, so he casts
about for "monsters under the bed" to prove the people
really did pick him after all, rather than the few hundred in
the Electoral College.

Meanwhile, our serious issues go unresolved, Trump spending
far too much time in attack and parry on Twitter. Every day,
more and more people mull over a possible presidential
impeachment. The Donald's mistaken moves bring that day
closer with each error.

Our expectation of privacy, other than being protected by
locking our doors and shutting the window blinds, really
has been shunted aside, ignored in  favor of financial and
political interests. When the polity finally finds out what
they have lost, the masses may rise, returning us all
to times of sanity and freedom.

Until then, Mark Zuckerberg is still right.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Morning Woe With Morning Joe

It's official: our president prefers personal attack action to
actually running the country. Invective fired into the twitterverse
characterized the two MSNBC's anchors with unacceptable
salacious, misogynistic low class language. Trump exhibits an
embarrassing lack of  dignity and gravitas at these moments,
which are becoming more frequent, alas.

This man singlehandedly has lowered our standing all across
the globe, a danger to safety and stability.

The Agent Orange in the White House has learned little
indeed in his time there--how long will it take?
Meanwhile, morning ( afternoon and night) woe with
your morning joe  is guaranteed.