Friday, January 25, 2013

Hillary's Pilloried by Sour Grape Republicans

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, she has distinguished
herself beyond any American woman. The latest hue and cry
about what happened in Benghazi is all about sour grapes
politics, not a need to know. Ms. Clinton acquitted herself
well in committee hearings, even after illness and a  blood clot.
I wonder how well the posturing republicans grilling her would
have done under the same circumstances.

There was misinformation, speculation, miscommunication
surrounding the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three
others, especially during the week after the incident. So what?
Accuracy in reporting seldom occurs immediately after horrific
events, not surprising. I AM surprised whenever we do get the
actual facts from parts of the world in chaos. Why didn't the
Ambassador and the others just leave the embassy days
before? Surely they knew just how dicey the situation was.

Sen. Johnson, all puffed up in righteous indignation, really was
no match for Hillary, who batted back right  at him. Certain
republicans, still smarting from recent election defeats,
apparently decided to tackle Ms. Clinton over Benghazi--
a mistake. 

Tsk, tsk. Sour grapes behavior, so unattractive.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The NRA Shoots Itself in the Foot, Again

The NRA is no stranger to adopting extreme views and tactics.
Lately, though, dragging the Obamas' children into the fray via
a scurrilous ad crosses a significant line, to the NRA's detriment.

It has been accepted practice, for decades, to leave a president's
minor children out of controversy and criticism. That didn't stop
the NRA from claiming hypocrisy or privilege on the part of
Mr. Obama in the latest NRA ad, which reminds us the
President's children are protected by armed guards, while he
promotes gun control.

The NRA's logic is sadly lacking here:
it should be obvious, even to them, a president's family is at
higher risk than everyday Americans.  Too, Mr. Obama's
actions are sensible limitations to the current guns gone wild
reality, while scarcely rescinding our Second Amendment
rights. Who, for example, other than the military, requires
military style assault weapons?

What's logic got to do with it, logic, it's just a second hand

The NRA shoots itself in the foot, AGAIN.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's Wrong With Georgia?

SOMETHING is, alright: no fewer than two of its politicians,
Gingrey and Broun, both medical doctors, have recently
espoused anti-intellectual and factually erroneous views.
Maybe the Dark Ages are beginning in Georgia; that could
explain such anti-diluvian opinions, stated as fact.  To review:

(1) Aikin (R-MO) claimed that legitimate rape pregnancy won't
happen, as the female body would protect against such an
occurrence. Gingrey essentially agreed, saying his ob/gyn
practice experience bears this out.

(3) Broun abjures  his previous medical and science schooling,
claiming Embryology, Evolution, the Big Bang, etc., are ideas
from the pit of hell to keep us from understanding that we need
a savior.

A modest proposal to the citizens of Georgia and Missouri:
Read a book! Demand your political representatives be
educated and sane, as minimum requirements to hold office.
I bet all this has embarrassed former president Jimmy Carter....

I know it's embarrassed ME.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The U.S.: Our Republic, If We Can Keep It

Founder Benjamin Franklin, entrepreneur, scientist and politician
is very likely spinning in his grave right about now, as a dangerous
anti-intellectual climate has recently gained a foothold here. Look
no further than the the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space
and Technology: Rep. Paul Broun, science apostate, has one of
its seats. He's an interesting case, a medical doctor who now
abjures the Big Bang Theory, Embryology, Evolution, etc. In
the December 2012 issue of Scientific American, he's quoted as
believing that all his teachers taught from the pit of hell, so as to
keep people from understanding that they need a savior. (He also
opines the Earth is a mere 9,000 years old. Hello, carbon dating,

What is this crazy person doing on that committee? Is there a way
to remove him? Shouldn't his medical license be revoked?
(I plan to look into it.)  It's people like Mr. Broun who well may
propel us into another Dark Age, if we let him.

The people are to blame, electing  some of the less than qualified
we now have serving in the 50 statehouses and Congress. What we
have here is a republic, requiring a thoughtful, educated populace
to endure. That's what Mr. Franklin meant after signing the U.S.
Constitution, 1787: What kind of government have you given us,
he was asked. "A republic, madam, if you can keep it", he

Yeah, IF we can keep it. It WILL take better than the likes of the
Paul Brouns  in power to retain our technological and economic
preeminent position, that's certain.

P.S.: Plenty of scientists have no problem believing in God while
accepting basic science principles, Mr. Broun. Benjamin Franklin,
respected scientist, believed in God.