Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Evil of Two Lessers: Rauner and Quinn for Illinois' Governor

Neither of these two men are stellar candidates, but Rauner
seems to be someone who won't care for the average Illinois
resident; he lines up solidly with the 1% instead...are there
numbers large enough in that 1% to win him the election on
Tuesday? If even one out of four of the advertised allegations
against him are accurate, he indeed is not fit to be governor,
as one TV ad concluded. --Heavens! Rauner-owned nursing
home abuses, threats against one of his CEOs, etc. These
charges, cited in Illinois mainstream media, are extremely
troubling. Curiously, the very same newspapers reporting
Rauner's bad actions also are endorsing him...don't their
editorial boards read their own expose's?  I'd vote for myself
for governor before voting for this guy, who has ZERO
legislative experience.  

That only leaves Governor Quinn. Yes, he has made mistakes,
particularly regarding his unconstitutional 2014-2015 Illinois
Budget address, but his misdeeds pale in comparison to
Rauner's. Quinn has always had the little guy's interests
at heart, going back to his consumer advocate days. He
has never been money-mad to the detriment of every other
important consideration, which matters to me.

So we here in Illinois have the Evil of Two Lessers in our
choice for governor--my vote is for Quinn, the better of
the two lessers.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Latest Ebola Errors Start With Nurse Amber Vinson

The earlier smug assurance about U.S. hospitals'
superior technical expertise has given way to many
misgivings--chief among them, the CDC's failure to
rush a "swat" training team to Dallas the instant Mr.
Duncan arrived there--but they are not alone. Texas
Health Presbyterian was lax in several important ways,
resulting in two nurses contracting Ebola, possibly
over one hundred other health care workers being
exposed as well...where is Dr. Anthony Fauci,
former CDC  head, when we need him? He's now
at NIH, but he would be better, more effective,
back at the CDC, where he served with brilliant

Amber Vinson, a nurse, should never have boarded
any plane. Even with her fever being a low grade
one, she knew fevers rise, should have had the wit
and the grace to cancel her flight. But no, she had
those all-important wedding plans to confab about
with family and friends. Calling the CDC was simply
a way to obtain a get out of jail free card; she may
have infected hundreds of passengers in her quest.
Curiously, the media has criticized everyone else
EXCEPT Ms. Vinson in the recent U.S. Ebola
scare. I'm sorry she is ill, but she should have put
the interests of others before her own.

If health care workers won't isolate themselves,
authorities must step in: prohibit any U.S. plane
travel for any medical staff dealing with Ebola
patients, and begin travel bans to and from
West Africa. These latest Ebola errors started
with a nurse who behaved irresponsibly; let's
institute procedures which remove such decisions
from the individual.

P.S.: My first name is also Amber. I certainly hope
I would have behaved more carefully than this.  


Monday, October 6, 2014

Dreamkiller AKA Reality Thriller

Some words are repeated to death; "dream" is one of them.
Whatever happened to aspirations, goals and objectives??
Particularly annoying is the omnipresent phrase,
"The American Dream".  --The?? --As in just one dream
fits all, or is socially acceptable?  Hogwash. This is, we are
told, the land of diversity--that applies to outlook, philosophy
and lifestyle goals, not just to ethnicity and skin color. So if
someone doesn't think marriage and home ownership are the
best "dreams" to chase, what of it? Everyone isn't entitled to
those things, by temperament, character, income, etc. ...
nor does desire for those two accomplishments beat in every

I'm here to be a killer of ordinary, cliched dreams--
there's a lot to thrill, still, in reality. Let's find it!