Wednesday, December 20, 2017

USA's Rampant Sex Problems: Who Owns Our Bodies?

There is only one answer: each of us is the
SOLE PROPRIETOR of ourselves, our bodies
our identities. Yes, sure, observing the social scene
some might be tempted to surrender the perception
of that ought-to-be-obvious reality:
"He was my boss"; "he was my husband";
"he was my coach"; "he was my priest";
"he was famous and powerful", etc.
ad nauseam. (By the bye, "he" can also
be read "she".) --So, we allow abuse and
the violating of our very selves.
P.S.: the PSA showing women declaring
"I am powerful" is mere hope without
concomitant bold behavior.

The relentless pandering for profit practiced
by TV and movie media corporations ever
increasingly emphasizes "hot sex" (desperate
desire, if you will...and even if you WON'T.)
It is time to stop denying media influence on/in
our lives, when politicians even name operations
after action film titles, to say nothing about  the
constant barrage of movie references used in
average conversations to make a point, rather
than an apt, original metaphor.

It isn't self respect fueling women who continue
to permit molestation/degradation et al. in the
preservation of an upward career path, or preserving
a high income from a spouse.  It IS a desire for material
gain, "prestige" and social acceptance within a certain
"classy" milieu. But such a choice is an abdication of
one's integrity and soul, so, my dears, you who defend
such "settling", I find you to be less than introspective
therefore, not particularly honest.


In a recent post I detailed most of the sex-related incidents
which were my history. Although I didn't always report these
shameful episodes, I DID leave the jobs, environments and
settings where they occurred.

The choices for attractive women are often stark: your money
or your life. However one decides, be prepared for the very real

Saturday, December 2, 2017

One Trillion Dollar Holiday Gift for the Five %, 2017

Yes indeed: never mind that Hoover, Reagan, Bush II and other
top-tier republicans have trotted out/tricked/tried this tired
"trickle  down" conservative notion ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Impartial studies over the decades have clearly shown that
allowing the super rich and their LLPs, LLCs, etc. to keep
more money has NOT resulted in significantly more full-time
employment opportunities for the 95%. During the Reagan era,
the tax rate for the rich was higher than now, yet fewer of those
wealthy folk complained--a crueler, more ignorant world we
witness today; observe all the high and mighty swearing they have
done nothing wrong while multiple testimonies strongly suggest
many have seriously erred.

As usual, our Congress has thrown in indirectly related matters,
no pure tax/budget bill in the offing--that would make sense, be
eminently logical. Did the republicans pull a fast one?  Hmmn...
alas, it really is only a temporary victory, as they are faced with
a very real upset in 2018.

I live in hope 'til then. Meanwhile, dear five percenters, enjoy
your holiday tax gift while you have it, as any contract can be
broken and any U.S. law can be overturned.