Thursday, April 9, 2009

Refutations, Reputations, other Errata

To: All February's Anonymous Posters at "Proviso Insider"

RE: The April Maywood Illinois Elections

Your credibility is greatly enhanced when you sign your NAMES.
Good grammar, correct spelling, and an apprehension of the facts greatly assists here as well.

(1) Not paying one's property taxes in an Illinois village or city keeps that person off that village's
ballot, by state law. Utility bills were not the issue in Maywood. Property tax records and
property sale transactions have been a matter of public record for decades, through
newspapers, the web, the Cook County Treasurer's office, other places as well. Utility bills
and other records, like credit card use, can be accessed legally by various authorities
under certain select circumstances.

(2) Mayor Harold Washington's opponents didn't use utility bills as grounds to keep him off
the ballot in Chicago; they asserted he hadn't paid income taxes for years, but he HAD
PAID, through payroll deductions. Mr. Washington simply neglected to file tax returns.

(3) Mayor Henderson Yarbrough DOES show up to his "day job", which has him traveling to
several different sites very frequently. I know because I called him on his cell there;
other workers have come up to him to ask questions while we talked! Maywood has
a part time Mayor, with a laughably tiny salary of $15K/per annum, so someone must love
Maywood a great deal to want the position.

Here's who looks foolish, at any time: anyone who publishes an anonymous rant absent the facts.
Please do your research, everybody! Anyone can be partisan or opinionated (I certainly am),
but ignoring or distorting the facts in the quest to move public opinion and/or action, WELL,
that's a "no-go theorem". If I see it done, wherever I find it, I will challenge it, here and elsewhere.

Best Wishes,
Amber F. Ladeira
A.K.A.: Former Proofreader, Still Checkin'

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  1. Another "Error" I'd like "deleted" is the creation of feral cats and dogs, the street animals cruelly created by unthinking or desperate adult humans. There are many kind and effortful folks busily working to alleviate this suffering.

    Please check out: ---
    This group is active in Chicago's near west suburbs, primarily a trap, neuter and release program. (Mohandas K. Gandhi was right--you can tell a great deal about a person by the way they treat animals.)