Monday, May 31, 2010

Tarring and Feathering, Oil Spill Peril and Pain

The horror and anguish about the current Gulf Oil Spill is accelerating, in sad and ultimately
unreasonable, although understandable, reactions. One tearful local resident actually complained/implored he'd done nothing to deserve this....Indeed, he and all the other
life forms native to the 60,000 square mile area now contaminated have done nothing to
merit such a tragedy. There ARE, nevertheless, many blameworthy others, including:

(1) The new drill rig technology designers who promoted
the previously untried one mile deep project; why wasn't a less
deep design tried first? --Simply "scaling up"
is not rigorous science.
Having a superb command of Physics (i.e., in this case, the physics
of the ever-increasing pressures encountered in ever-increasing
depths) might have prevented/mitigated
the disaster before it began;

(2) Those oil rig workers (like many front-line employees)who knew more than the higher-ups, but only displayed concern
for the hierarchy and their jobs when they didn't abort
the project as the problem clearly presented itself;

(3) The bosses who looked at a so-called "bottom line"
and denied permission to shut down operations, who said
to substitute salt water as a cost-cutting measure;

(4) All the public relations people who attempted the
proper "spin" and figuratively turned many of us into
whirling dervishes instead with their lies;

(5) The politicians OUTSIDE Louisiana who are still championing
this energy technology, including, at times, Mr. Obama.
The tiny tarballs he fingered during his recent photo op were
much smaller than elsewhere, especially since that beach
was cleaned up before he arrived;

Then there's British Petroleum (or is it Beyond Petroleum?)
What can we say about the BP CEO who actually uttered the
sentiment about wanting his OWN life to return to normal?

Too bad tarring and feathering are illegal. The above-numbered
humans deserve such, not the animal and plant life in the Gulf.


  1. Interesting blog, Aunt Amber. This is J & K's friend, Melissa Ann, who you met while we were ducking during the fireworks. I'll be visiting your blog for sure. Nice work!

  2. Melissa Ann, thanks for writing!
    I'm interested in seeing YOUR blog,
    but don't know how to find it. How about
    giving J or K the name or link for it,
    and then J can send me a private message with that info....or he can call me to let me know.

    It was nice meeting you!