Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Extremism is only rarely a virtue

Yes, just a few people can bring many troubles.
There is a U.S. "church" calling itself Dove
(a highly paradoxical appellation, it turns out)
which intends to publicly burn a copy of the Koran.
The fearless leader of this tiny sect (estimated
membership, 50) proclaims he and his are tired
of being intimidated by kings and others, wants to
bring back the U.S. to its rightful place in the

So he thinks our great and glorious nation can
regain its premier position by intentionally
antagonizing irrational, violent extremists abroad?
There is a photo of him and his all white truck
emblazoned with bright red lettering,
"International Burn a Koran Day", 9/11/2010, 6-9 pm".
Mr. "Church of the Dove" Jones is well-advised
to look into a very polished mirror, long and
hard. Maybe then he will counsel his flock to cancel
the ill-advised little conflagration he's planned,
and while he's at it, rename his church too.
Since he and his are NOT peaceful as is the Dove
of the Holy Spirit, how about " U.S. Chapter of
Worldwide Extremists"?

If only this irrational person and his devotees
would consult various history books with a
thoughtful studiousness, they might realize
what has proven true:

Extremism is only rarely a virtue.


  1. Thank God September 11 remembrances will
    not be marred by Terry Jones and his "burning
    proposal" which he cancelled. However, he's still trying for a meeting with the Mosque/Cultural Center's owner to persuade him to abandon the project. Mr. Jones has no idea of pragmatic realities; those building plans are well underway, monies already spent and allocated for future construction work.

    It would take a far more compelling reason
    than Terry Jones' barter and swap blackmail
    attempt (i.e., I won't conflagrate if you
    negotiate -and cancel-the Mosque project.)
    to halt such a massive undertaking.

    Everyone watching this controversy needs certain reminders: (1) They are exercising their constitutional rights, however distasteful to some; (2) The selected site is NEAR Ground Zero, BUT actually two blocks AWAY. Should we cordon off the entire area of Lower Manhattan in memory of the tragically, violently wrong terrorist attack of 9/11? Most of the martyred dead would probably not agree. Those who remain must go on, however hard that may be.

  2. But alas, a Koran WAS burned in Michigan, with scattered reports of burnings elsewhere.
    Book burnings: what an ultimately pointless yet immediately inflammatory technique still used by the untutored worldwide. Usually the last copy of any work isn't destroyed, so its message isn't silenced. As to the symbolic or revenge motive behind such conflagrations/demonstrations, most people have too much sense to participate....most, but not all; several lost their lives in Islamic countries protesting Mr. Jones' planned stunt.

    Terry "Dove" Jones is responsible, if only
    indirectly, for a lot of anguish and these
    deaths: most of the biologically well-read
    understand "monkey see, monkey do" as a human
    truism as well....so fiery if dull-witted copy cats went into action, with predictable results.

    I'll say it again: George Santayana is still
    spinning in his grave.