Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Real Jackasses: Partying State Legislators

How about that 2010 nationwide state
legislators convention in Kentucky?
Largely a party thrown by big-buck corporations
to woo votes, ABC filmed aging legislators
attempting to recapitulate their youth,
(oh, and by the way, FAILING) far more
nauseating than the Jackass movie stunts
could ever be. At least JK, JT and crew
were clearly good-natured, only potentially
harming themselves. Most tellingly, you
had to PAY and GO to a theater to be
shocked/entertained, whereas with these
true jackasses in our nations' legislatures,
everyone is held hostage to these bozos
not tending to their state's horrendous
budget, unemployment, education and crime

Instead of the pathetic partying, did these
folks caucus to share positive solutions
for seemingly intractable problems? I had visions
of them doing so before seeing the ABC video.
Why oh why are adult Americans so DAMN IMMATURE?
Why do too many hate work?

How about replacing those incumbents when
state-level elections roll around? Now THAT'S
sending a message, most particularly about
"honest services".

Throw the rascals out: The real jackasses,
our partying state legislators.


  1. They have steady jobs, benefits and everybody wants to be their "friend". As far as they are concerned, everything is peachy.

    I can see where an "insider" might choose to ignore the ugly realities that other people may have to face. It's not their reality.

    Just as insulting as these asshats partying, but rarely visible to the rank and file, are the various union negotiations. Where both management and the union negotiators emerge from their deadlocks, get into their chauffeur driven rides for the trip to the country club where they can unwind with a nicely aged single malt.

    The two opposing sides live in the same gated enclaves, their kids attend the same fine schools and live very nicely upon the labor of their continually downsized and concessionary challenged workers.

    Degrees of separation between legislators and the corporate sucklers are imperceptible. Their lives are good. They really don't see where anything else matters much.

    The upside is they are well-fatted and will serve mankind well when the SHTF.

  2. --Cannibalism! Is that what we'll resort to
    when the shit hits the fan?

    Seriously, I could support partying NOT sponsored by big companies buying future votes, especially if these legislators
    did a competent, concerned, caring job, but....noooo!

    Oh well. YOUR last few posts have been the
    best of yours I've read so far; keep up the
    good work. Best Regards to M.