Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not The Last Word if I can help it

Dear Mr. "G.", you misspelled "precedent".
Also, yes, the Bush tax cuts run out soon. What do
you think is happening in the lame duck session?
These cuts will likely be extended, with a few
modest yet key language changes....perhaps you've
heard the expression, "God is in the details"
(-to say nothing of any potential devils).

Good for Mr. O!--About TIME he took the rigid,
the greedy and the ignorantly posturing of BOTH
parties to the woodshed.

NO, we CAN'T do whatever we see in our mind's
eye. Right now I am quite disgusted with a large
fraction of my fellow humans, but I can't teleport
myself to a more advanced planet, even though my
cerebral cortex boasts intelligence and imagination.

But when rushing to post, what's logic got to do with
it? To paraphrase Tina Turner, Logic, a secondhand
"emotion". My fantasy is to suddenly see far more
logic, sure possession of relevant facts, and supple
handling of English.

NOT happening before I die, I'll wager.

(P.S.: The Last Word is the MSNBC blog referred to here.)


  1. I have to assume that you HAVE teleported to a different plant. The potential devils have been all but realized on this one.

    Sad, that our national politics is as rigged as professional wrestling and just as devoid of logic, facts and eloquence... not a good week to be optimistic.

    The failingest failing in the history of fails. But ooooh, look! The house is "debating" brown people again. What a shocker...

  2. I posted this here because I couldn't get it
    to register on MSNBC, where it was intended as
    a response to a certain Mr. "G"....and before
    I learned that the 99ers, including my daughter, are not included in this "tradeoff"
    bipartisan package. As I've said elsewhere,
    there shouldn't be a flat tax, but three or even four tax levels--this would reflect reality AND be more just. But as Tina Turner
    might have said, what's justice got to do with it?? Justice and Logic, secondhand "emotions".

    You and Driftglass have sarcastic/sardonic
    wit down COLD.-- Kudos!

    Stay warm and well over at your abode. Best, A.