Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Cherry Picking" Among the Sour Grapes

Shakespeare, even before Emerson, noted that
convention and consistency (custom, tradition)
is often the enemy of sense, sensibility and
solutions. They and others validate a part of my
philosophy: I "Cherry Pick".

At times, when that becomes obvious during a
conversation, those who practice it often earn
opprobium,being accused of yes, cherry picking.
But why NOT pick and choose? Must a theory,
practice or expert's "wisdom" be adopted whole
cloth? There are flaws in everyone's logical
ability, to say nothing of accurate, factual
knowledge, so pick out the best and leave the rest.

After all, in every vineyard, some of the grapes
are bound to be sour.

1 comment:

  1. When sense and sensibility are drowned out by the vocal minority. When that minority's agenda and power are magnified by a lazy media newsfotainment industry. When the message is repeated repeatedly without a cogent counter.
    When almost everything is skewed to herd to conformity and acceptance of this model...

    The question has to be; why?

    No reason; just policy?

    We've had a succession of elections ostensibly intended to FIX what's broken.
    That effort dissipates rapidly and fairly predictable patterns reemerge.

    What changes? My guess? There is something behind that curtain believed to be too dangerous to admit. It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. Things that would destroy any and all societal agreements.

    The lie is preferable.