Thursday, March 3, 2011

REFUTE NEWT, 2012: Stop Showboating, Scapegoating

Let us reflect, return to yesteryear, so as to
inform those younger or more forgetful Americans
about this disappointing product of Georgia Tech.:

Newt Gingrich was the man of the hour in the mid '90s
behind, beside and fronting The Contract with America.
He and his "new" Conservative Revolution succeeded in
(temporarily) capturing the U.S. House. However, as
more and more realized what was/would be in the fine
print of that contract, the tide of opinion turned;
he and his (along with those deceptively intellectual
idiots, the Tofflers) enjoyed a really short revolution,
the next two votes ('96 and '98) shoving most of those
extremists right through the revolving door, out of power.

This so-called conservatism is nothing new, going back
to kings, dictators and their ministers. Laissez Faire
only works for a few; it was ever thus. For millenia there
was no middle class, mark THAT, those who would bring back
two classes: what makes some of you think YOU'D be entitled
to vault to the top rank??

It's getting very wearing, these attacks on the lower and
middle classes. Having a continuum of economic strata,
if you will, merely means such a society recognizes that
people and circumstances vary, there can't be all indians
and no chiefs, or all chiefs, no indians, or even indians and
chiefs, nobody else. Who doesn't understand that?? I marvel
in horror and disgust.

Some of these super right wingers surely must have grandparents
living on Social Security, close relatives in unionized jobs. Do
they honestly think family will forgive being reduced to dire
straits by their "courageously philosophical" relatives? Worse,
do they just not care?

Beware, Newt. The scapegoats you roast today may become you
and your thoughtlessly less-studious political friends tomorrow.


  1. If you go to Newt Gingrich's new website
    you'll see that showboater expostulating, oh
    so modestly, in the decades-long approved
    "parlance to the public", how "excited" he is
    to explore the "interest" the American public
    might have in his running for prez in 2012.

    --What, is all human activity, with its repetitive cycles, just another living fractal? Mandelbrot and crew pretty much proved that plants, coastlines, etc. follow
    fractal math/recurring patterns. How
    about the repetitions of people's acts?
    Arrghh, another dreary fractal appears
    to be upon us again, in the guise of the Scapegoating Showboater, probably another devotee of Ayn Rand. (Why anyone would
    build a cult worshipping/following fiction writers such as Rand and Hubbard goes beyond my intellectual power to understand.)

  2. Boy, I like you. Newt extols good old Christian family values while dumping his wife who was battling cancer. Geesh, sounds more like Gotti Family values to me. You're right about the Fractals as well. We also need to chant (pray) and collapse a new probability wave sometime soon. Great post at our place written by the brilliant Brian Cooney regarding the odious, Egoist, Ayn Rand. Somewhere in the archives at the bottom if you're interested. Really like your thoughts and will be around.

  3. I like you too, Cletis, saw that you love science--taught it? I only decry what seem
    to be bad uses of science, but like most, don't want to go back to the cave (but ha! can't
    necessarily rule even THAT out.)

    Hope Spring has arrived for you and yours
    down there in Kentucky. I'll check the post
    you mention. Take care.

  4. Cletis, I just read your essay about your dad's
    funeral. It was sad and funny, made me cry.
    Keep writing! I see a strong, individual voice.
    Best, A.

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