Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Constitution: Corrections Long Overdue

Our Constitution, much lauded and copied
worldwide, nevertheless is far from perfect.
I can think of several of its stipulations
which should land in the dustbin of history:

(1) In Article One, the granting of marque
and reprisal, essentially permitting piracy,
we need this why?

(2) Wherever African Americans are referred to
in there as "3/5ths of all other persons..."
well, THAT'S got to go. Subsequent amendments
following Emancipation and the Civil War do not
specifically redress/address this arrogantly inhuman,
inaccurate language. The 14th Amendment does change
the basis for electing members of the House, without,
however, apologizing to Native or African Americans.

(3) The Second Amendment should be further clarified,
as the part regarding "a well-regulated militia" seems
to have entirely skipped over too many people's feeble
understanding. AK47s and their ilk should be completely
outlawed except for wartime use, and only licensed 22s
and 38s allowed WITHIN THE HOME for protection. Hunting,
already regulated, may not require much modification.

The Founders themselves publicly admitted they were only
human, recognized the future would necessitate/create
changes to our founding document. Addressing these three
items here would go a long way to elevate, and humanize,
an America now rushing to a deplorable bottom.

Such corrections, logical and humane, are long overdue.

1 comment:

  1. The Constitution has already been re-written. The words mean little to nothing REAL anymore.

    Haven't they been clever bastids? As FST foretold, we're still all bozos on this bus.

    "Principal Poop: Thank you. I'm recalling the words of the foundry... founder
    of Morse Science High School, "You kipe the heap... who press the first bricks
    with his own hands..."

    Heckler: Who cares!

    Principal Poop: "Knowledge for the pupil... people", he said. "Give them a
    light and they'll follow it anywhere." We think that is a fair and a wise guy
    who'll rule to be guided by...

    Heckler: What is reality?

    Principal Poop: And we're not afraid of it, are we?

    Heckler: Eat it!

    Principal Poop: You bet!

    Heckler: Eat it Raw!

    Principal Poop: Rah, rah rah! That's the spirits we have here - ok? - So come
    on kids...

    Heckler: F*ck you!

    Principal Poop: Line up. Sign up. And re-enlist today. Because we need more
    schooling, for more students, for Morse Science High.