Monday, October 17, 2011

Class Warfare? Always There

Lately the media has sounded various warnings
about the dangers of inciting class warfare, as if
it hasn't constantly existed for thousands of years.
--Disingenuous, to say the least!

Why shouldn't the 99% be very upset about the fact
that the 1% control 40% or so of the nation's finances?
How is that just, or even tenable, long term? Following
the money yields disturbing practices, all illegal, special
exemptions/exceptions not available to the rest of us, etc.
What these rich, self-involved yahoos miss is, eventually
their bad decisions will redound back to THEM.

I'd applaud such poetic justice if it didn't require the
rest of us to be dragged down with them.

--Class warfare? Always there, always unfair.


  1. The Occupy Wall Street movement
    is growing; over 25 U.S. cities, many
    overseas as well. -Here's to the 99%!

  2. Amber, I will repost this at my place along with the Jackson panic post. By the way, don't you think we should get this mass murderer off of the twenty and replace him with MLK Jr?

  3. Thanks, Cletis! It's an honor to be reposted
    along with the others you select.

    I agree, get evil AJ off the $20 bill. MLK
    would be a fine choice, a few others would
    as well--anybody, almost, BUT AJ.

    Best Wishes to you and yours.

  4. Have you been downtown yet? Good thing I dressed in layers. I came home without my coat, but warmer for it. I'll be back with extras.

    CPD vibe was strangely mixed. Part supportive, part laid-back, part wanting to join their `68 ancestors and part purely dreading May 2012.

    We indeed live in interesting times.