Monday, November 14, 2011

The Republican Field: Wide but not Deep

--So many candidates, so little time! The Republicans
should surely be able to produce better candidates
than the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain.
As to Mr. Cain, it is disheartening to see him still
at the top of Republican voter polls--what DOES it take
to knock this rich ignoramus off of his top perch?
Maybe all he has to do is keep talking; after awhile,
even the most blinkered among his supporters will have
to notice the big foot he keeps in his mouth. Republican
women won't be able to blithely ignore four or more
separate sexual harassment complaints forever.

Eight or more candidates, none of which seems particularly
promising, line up for debates these days. I predict Romney
and Gingrich ending up as the top contenders for the nomination.
Gingrich should have bowed out of the limelight years ago,
his Contract with America having proven an ill-advised failure,
many of his true believers in Congress having been summarily
turned out when voters came to their senses.

--And Romney? Well, he seems a bit improved since 2008. Still,
none of these guys are getting my vote. I'll go with Mr. O,
or a Green Party candidate, depending on who that is.
Where are the distinguished Republicans of yore? You know,
Percy, Lugar, Hagel, etc., intelligent, thoughtful moderates
that served in the Senate.

Since we've all been immersed in football lore lately,
I'll steal one of its metaphors; the republican field:
wide but not deep.


  1. --Raising Cain?? We DON'T have time for any
    Cain learning curve. That viral video clearly
    showed the man wasn't quite sure where Libya even IS.

    His poll numbers are dropping. Now it's Newt's
    turn to roll into the dustbin of history.

  2. Hey, haven't felt well lately so please forgive me for not dropping around lately. Here are my tghoughts on Newt.

    Newton, Newton
    Give us your answer do
    Are you crazy
    Thinking we’d vote for you
    I shouldn't deign to disparage
    But it would be a miscarriage
    Cause your deceit
    You lying cheat
    Means America would get screwed

    Cletis L. Stump

  3. Cletis,

    Take all best informed care--
    your wife, friends and "pen pals"
    (like me) strongly feel you need to
    cogently stay on Earth until your
    '90s, at least.

    Very Best Wishes-Say, I used to write
    A lot of "learned" doggerel. This by you
    is quite good, rest assured.