Thursday, December 22, 2011

DC Drama: Who Stole Christmas?--Not the Grinch

The wearing of carefully understated suits and
being seated around a conference table does NOT,
U.S. House Rep. Speaker Boehner, prove you and
yours are able and willing to get down to work.
Intransigence on so many important fronts just
shows how utterly bankrupt, morally/ethically/
practically our "democratic" political process
really is.

The skulking actors driving this embarrassing
farce are Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Grover
Norquist and Speaker Boehner. Their only true
concerns are maintaining their lofty positions
and defeating Mr. Obama in 2012. Meanwhile,
all but the super rich are held hostage, as
respect for our vaunted process continues to
spiral downward. Somehow this recalls the
New York Teapot Dome scandal to me, in the
arrant stink of it, if in nothing else.

So as we all try to make the best of this
largely dispiriting holiday season, we're
sure the Grinch didn't steal Christmas.
If Dr. Seuss were writing today, the creature
would look like Speaker Boehner.


  1. --It's lovely to see: "Grinch" Boehner, bludgeoned by public shame, now knuckled
    down to brass tacks; a little something
    in the average American's stocking,
    never mind what happens in February 2012.

    My only question here: Can the nation's elderly afford this continued payroll tax relief? There's something else: The publicized $40 a week set of hand-wringing testimonials rang false to me. If this were
    1970 instead of 2011, those examples might be believable.

    I live on a monthly check of less than $1,000. It's rare that I can KEEP to
    $40/week for my food, and I shop at
    stores DESIGNED to serve poor folk.
    The only anecdote I believed was the
    possible loss of a family's pizza night.

    In certain southern, small town and rural areas, the standard of living is markedly
    less expensive, yes....but for the rest of the
    nation, the average middle class paycheck?
    I'm not buying it.

    Best Wishes to all.

  2. Today it is the TEApot Drone Scandal. Double entendre intended. I grew up in the coal fields of Harlan County and, in the Land of Plenty, we had nothing to eat many a day. Hang in there, my friend.

  3. Haaaaaahaha, TEApot Drone Scandal, so wittily
    worthy a comment! We ALL better hang in there,
    "you betcha!"