Friday, June 22, 2012

Dream: Stop Belaboring the Word

"Dream" law this, "Dream" law that. Has the dictionary emptied
out, leaving only this one word?--An erroneous and/or misleading
one at that:

(1) Dreams occur when sleeping, often too fantastic or impractical
to call into actual existence. Whatever happened to goals, results,
accomplishments, etc.? Why slap that word onto every law even
remotely related to achieving/expanding progress or delineating
individual or group rights? Say "magazine" or "apple" quickly
ten times, you'll find it becomes babble; so it is now with "dream".

(2) The "American Dream": we're continually, publicly,
being barraged by the notion that everyone's dream here must
consist of:
a. home ownership
b. car ownership
c. a college diploma, particularly in medicine or law,
the "prestige" educations.

(3) No one can decide what would be anyone else's way to live
and/or achieve. My list is NOT shown under (2), although
I once wanted a degree.

(4) The laws and policies which would/could connote
civilization achieved at last should be no dream, but actuality.

Stop "dreaming" already, get to work, and find another word!

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