Friday, May 3, 2013

Ponderous Political Punditry and Orotund Obfuscations

I dream about a sobering route of incompetent incumbents on
both sides of the aisle, but worry that the average American's
attention span is fleeting, as Alexis De Tocqueville indicated
in his three volume work, Democracy in America, around 1830.
Not much has changed except the clothes and the gadgets,
despite all the ponderous punditry and politicians' orotund

Look at the current commotion over "Obamacare", due to take
effect in January 2014.  While there are excellent provisions
in the new comprehensive law, there are just criticisms as
well. Among them: little guidance as to which insurance
carriers will be consonant with all the law's mandates.
Mr. Obama smoothly reassured us by "reminding" us that
this (controversy and anxiety) is a recurring process,
when something vast and new becomes national law.
Somehow the lack of relevant detail (despite numerous
pages) seems familiar--something like Mr. Clinton's
many unfunded mandates.

Since the package's proposal, a plethora of  vested
interests, regular folk, media mavens and pols have
weighed in with their opinions, fears, and utter lack
of probity.  This too is a classic case of more heat
than let's read as much of the document
as we can, and bypass the talking heads....

Otherwise we'll be captured by all the pundits and
obfuscators, to no one's ultimate benefit.

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  1. Obamacare represents a vast improvement over the state of our national health care. But I get the sense that the insurance exchanges will be awfully cumbersome to administer.

    The single payer option would make so much more sense. It works reasonably well throughout much of Europe and elsewhere. Even little Taiwan has it now. T.R. Reid's stellar book, "The Healing of America" surveys the systems in selected nations. It's well worth the read.

    In regard to the state of our health care for the foreseeable future, I guess we'll have to settle for this well-intentioned, but needlessly complicated plan.

    Too many vested interests, haters of government, and deficit scolds to contend with.