Saturday, January 7, 2017

Florida: More Murders Made Possible by Bad Laws: A State to Stay Away From

The latest murderous horror to occur in Florida could have
been averted with rational laws, namely, that no one can carry
weapons on passenger planes, be they unloaded and checked
into the baggage areas of said planes' and airports' debarkation
areas. That must include military and police travelling in civilian
situations as well. People on board the unfortunate flight
seemed safe enough, but were killed once on the ground...
where I come from, dead is dead, no matter the location.

That New Jersey nutcase started out from Alaska, flew to
Minneapolis, then landed in  Florida, where he retrieved his
weapon, killing five and injuring eight. Florida officials' press
conference remarks contained the usual sorrow, bromides
and assurances, but I am not reassured, because...

Right about now the Florida Statehouse is mulling over
a bill which would allow guns on college campuses and
other wildly inappropriate settings, as if mass murders
haven't happened in such places. Say, who ARE these
legislators? They appear to be as insane as the murderers
whose behavior they are facilitating, failing to protect
the public they serve.

Once this country allowed gun carry in public, (whether
concealed or open) shootings have certainly continued to
escalate as statistics prove. --Coincidence? Of course not.
16 hours' practice at a firing range and an FOID card are
not adequate safeguards; abusing the Second Amendment
is the result, causing the loss of many innocent lives.

The USA's current version of the Wild West is even worse
than the lawless West of over a hundred years back--the
weapons are now often military grade. (--Gee, great! Now
even more can get killed!) But there are regional differences,
especially regarding gun laws. It pays to know where
you go, so...

Florida: more murders made possible by bad laws,
a state to stay away from.

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  1. Well stated as usual Amber.

    All over America it seems our law makers and our law enforcers have many issues and problems they are dealing with.

    I have heard friends and relatives tell me and others of people after serving some years in a branch of the military as this man it was reported had served.Also it was reported a member of his family stated he seemed to after a few years of military sevice have many deep mental problems manifest in his life.I wonder what was done to try to help this man get him self together? What caused his mental issues?

    I fear even if laws are strengthen or enforced deeper( Not waiting for that to happen any time soon myself0 People that want guns badly can and will get them. They also can if skilled make them.

    Once again more questions as to why these horrors keep happening. When will it end? How bad will it get? A long time and much worse I fear Amber.I know I am even more careful than I have ever been when OUT with the public..My thoughts , prayers are with the victims, survivors , and their families. GOD HELP US!