Friday, February 17, 2017

To Russia With Love: Mind Your Own Business

Really, Russia, don't you have plenty of problems there at home
to attend to? Why not solve THEM before embarking on
interfering in another nation's affairs?

You have dangerously miscalculated by meddling in the USA's
recent election; perhaps you were surprised to learn many
Republicans strenuously object to your efforts. Over here
we take matters of our sovereignty quite seriously, irrespective
of political party. Investigations and repercussions will no
doubt continue--despite the Putin/Trump bromance.

So Russia, mind your own business, tend to your own
knitting, etc. You DO risk the United States inquiring
intensively into Russian activities--scarcely a pleasant
prospect, no? You probably are attempting to capitalize
on any perceived weakness of ours--but you are definitely
overreaching and over-estimating, at your peril.


  1. Amber. Well said. I will make this short and sweet since when I mentioned THE NEW WORLD ORDER 3 times I got knocked off here! RUSSIA, NATIONS, PEOPLE all over the world OUR NEIGHBORS many should mind their own business !

    They sadly BY THEIR choice will not unless they are forced to.

    1. Lester I didn't knock you off here. Didn't know blogspot censors its blogs. Take care and best wishes! Amber