Monday, March 13, 2017

Border Concerns Do Not Trump the Fourth Amendment

Security and other concerns give no United States government
the legal right to ignore the Constitution's Fourth Amendment,
the prohibition forbidding unreasonable search and seizure. Yet
tonight on NBC's evening newscast, Lester Holt revealed that at
the Canadian border, police can demand one's cell phone and
its password, etc., even if the person being searched is not on
any watch list. This, purportedly, is "perfectly legal". Whatever
happened to probable cause?

...AHEM. Just how is any abrogation of our constitutional
rights legal? The U.S. Constitution is the highest law in the land,
therefore, no local, state or federal "law", policy or practice can
overturn  or ignore any of its original seven articles or the 27
amendments, PERIOD. Exactly who is asleep at the switch
here?  The report justifies this practice in part by quoting
Trump's heated campaign anti-terror rhetoric...huh?

Legalities, logic  and sense have evaporated out of
our country, apparently. Whim, paranoia and stupidity
are in. We must get a grip before serious domestic
and international difficulties get the better of us.

Meanwhile, it must be stressed: border security and
other concerns do not trump the Fourth Amendment.
Memo to the authorities: find another, but legal way
to protect us.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder, ( LIKE STEVIE WONDER ) how many weeks, days, or hours will it take til our constitutional rights 90 percent of them are violated TO OUR FACE, AND IN OUR FACE?WHEN IS TOTAL CONTROL COMING?

    What will it take to WAKE UP more peopel or get them sober off what ever they are on? TO STOP this madness.