Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Devoted Friend Has Left Me: Gary the Cat

Gary died on May 20th at the ripe old age of 21, about
100 in human years. I wish that realization helped, hasn't
yet. He had a distinct personality, played hide and seek
with me; we raced up and down the stairs at one place
where we lived; he twitched his ear five times after I'd
give him five kisses.

I'll always feel guilty about the times I was impatient
with him, yet he seemed to forgive me, joining me at
night in my bed. He tried to communicate with me, but
as I speak very little "Cat", I didn't always understand.
Did he understand when I would tell him I loved him?
Hoping so keeps me going; this place seems so empty
now. There will never be another like him; I will miss
him and love him 'til I die...

Goodbye, my best friend. May your spirit be content
and at peace, wherever you are over the Rainbow


  1. People who do not have a pet or that do not like animals do not understand animals in our lives, nor how we feel when they die.

    Each animal is unique with their own spirit and personality as we animal people all know. My ( Our ) cat Speedy Jerry died on pet day( First Sunday in September back in 1993. I remember it as if it were yesterday.Dad Jerry and I were all ill at the time. It is a long story I will not go into now.
    Amber I am deeply sorry for your loss of Gary The Cat.

    May I respectfully suggest a book( I wish it had been around when S J when she died) It is by Dr Jack Van Impe ANIMALS IN HEAVEN The library may have it. It may be of some comfort to you.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Lester. I hope you and yours are reasonably well. See you around "Bedford Falls"!

  2. We are great Amber. Allow your grief for your departed friend. Even in our current world be A M A P find happiness each day, Be alert and safe.