Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Do North Korea and the United States Want War?

World War III, here we come: one irresponsible statement after
another by Un and Trump, both of whom I regard as sanity
challenged. They seem to find bellicose rants and threats as
a form of fun for them, taking the rest of us along for a ride,
unwilling as we all may be. We must stop these two lunatics
to ensure our own safety and that of the generations to come.

It is time to impeach the Donald and find ways to "deactivate"
Mr. Un, likely through a mechanism in the U.N. Security
Council. It is also the moment for Russia and China to step
up, as they are in danger from Un's nukes as well, even
though they aren't actually being targeted. Missiles gone
awry could well land in China or Russia--as we have seen,
many of North Korea's missiles end up in unexpected places.

Wake up, world! The very future of the planet and all who
live here are in great peril; every adult in each country must
make themselves heard. If we want peace and not war,

1 comment:

  1. Well stated Amber.

    My only comment. I feel we are in times when many people emotionally, spiritually, IN EVERY WAY are in FLUX. They I feel are ( MANY PEOPLE) NOT IN TOUCH with reality nor do they REALLY KNOW what they want.

    WHEN ( NOT IF I FEAR but when WAR comes ) It will be a horror no one imagined. Frankly I feel we are in deep prophetic times.