Monday, January 8, 2018

An Immodest Proposal: Aspercreme, a Little Dab'l Do Ya

Although this will not rise to the elegance and
sardonic humor of Jonathon Swift, he has
nonetheless inspired this very daring suggestion:

--Men!! I know you are often aroused even at
inconvenient, wildly inappropriate moments;
for those of you not helped by cold showers,
I think I've got it, by Jove, I've got it:

After your A.M. shower but before dressing,
why not apply Aspercreme to the "offending"
little member, to fortify you as you rejoin the
"civilized" (--ahahaHAA, cruel joke/hope, that)
world of work, retail, politics, etc. I know it
helps my shoulder pain--maybe it would solve
this nettlesome, primitive reaction males suffer

Something topical, other than the ingested chemicals
mandated to assist convicted sex-abuse felons may
well be an answer.

For now, Aspercreme gets my vote. It is indeed
greaseless and odorless, quite inexpensive.

Come ON, guys! Try it!

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