Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Border Crossing Children Will be Family Safe--for a Mere Three Weeks More

Unless the USA's Republicans in the House  of
Representatives further pressure the Donald to
add to his recent executive order, effecting a
permanent policy change housing illegals with
their children. All the huzzahs, hooplas and hurrays
are all about a little break in this cruel treatment
of young children.

I still say some fault accrues to these adults
running for our border. We are not heaven on
Earth here, crime, gang, murder and prejudice
free here, despite the "exceptionalist" label our
pols and presidents apply to our land. We do not
have the funds and the jobs for the immigrant
hopefuls (millions?) who think America is Paradise
...which it is not.

Are we wealthy? Yes, but also heavily in debt,
dimming some of the financial luster many see
without delving into the details.

Do we now enjoy full employment?
Yes, statistically, 'til you recall the many who
stop looking for work are not included in these
selfsame stats coming out of the Census Bureau,
the Labor Dep't., et al., ALL of which are part
of the Executive Branch--so I don't particularly
trust the numbers' veracity put out by our current
government (--or any government).

All of these human rights problems basically
stem from two phenomenons: overpopulation
and far too many now not fixing their own
countries' ills.

But wait! A third thing that must never be
forgotten--The United States manufactures
more guns, airplanes, automatic weapons
than anywhere else, and we sell them
EVERYwhere else. We COULD assist the
Central Americans in their anti-violence
struggles by not selling a single weapon
to these incompetent, immoral dictatorships,


  1. Everything has a limit. A car can only safely carry a certain number of passengers. Same for an elevator. Oour homes safely can house only SO MANY PEOPLE! Enough said on that.

    I frankly have felt for years People that come in ILLEGALLLY from Mexico are well LEGAL SLAVES. Look at how many are treated, etc. ALSO MANY KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT! about their abuse. MANY IN AMERICA I FEEL love that fact about them.

    FACT. The Canadian border is our largest border. THOUSANDS OF MILES long with lakes etc! MORE PEOPLE ILLEGALLY come across the CANADIAN border.FROM COUNTRIES all over the world. People slip in and out of that border all the time. A LOT of that went on during the vietnam war era as you know Amber. OUR media do not seem to often mntion many of these facts you or Ii am mentioning here.

    DOPE( Oh excuse me ) I mean ILLEGAL drugs FLOW across ALL OUR BORDERS into America all too often! I know many recently retired LAW enforcement people.

    So lets Hope, pray try to make this horror better , LETS HOPE the SEPERATING of children from families( WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I have MY ideas, TOO lengthy to go into here) MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, is behind much in our country and world!

    This is going to stay bad. It will get worse I am afraid before it gets better!

    Tthe ELITE are really rising up and coming out of THEIR BAG in mass now! GENTRIFICATION is raging in the major mettropolitain areas of the USA.Thnk it over everyone. Have a great day.

    Live your life but keep your eyes open and your witts about you. WE ALL need to NOW!

  2. Oh.PS.

    Ii think there are many who are DOING SOMETHING about OVER POPULATION Amber. I do not thibk WE WILL LIKE what they are doing, ramping up and will do! CERTAIN people I feel THEY FEEL need to NOT BE ALIVE anymore. I feel that is wrong sad, IMMORAL , EVIL!