Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunk in Helsinki by the Donado

Hell, he eclipsed himself this time, fawning
over Putin during their "Summit" (--height
of futility's folly, no?) on July 16th. So far
few of us have heard anything beyond
speculation re: their two hours spent alone
except for two translators. This sort of intimate
private talk worked well for Reagan and
Gorbachev back in 1987, but then, those two
were much smarter than the current duo, much
more interested in Glasnost.

The "clarification"/correction vis a vis "would/
wouldn't" is laughable--gallows humor  only,
that is.  I can see it now: Kelly Kelly, Pompeo
and a few other trusted sycophants gathered
in the Oval Office, poring over the by now
infamous sentence broadcast 'round the world...

"Hmmn, lemme see, oh! Will you look at THAT,
Mr. President--just change would to wouldn't,
issue a clarification, and voila! storm over!"

But no, squalls still erupt as millions of us keep
laughing and shaking our heads about the
effrontery/stupidity of yet another mindless
attempt at creaming over what the world has
known for two and a half years--the Donald
is irrational, narcissistic, heedless and ignorant,
not to be depended upon, unless you count his
determination to fulfill his campaign promises...
the Donado continues to blow dangerously,
fomenting/threatening wars, further
destabilizing an already fractious planet.

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  1. When I was much younger Amber I never imagined I was see what America is experiencing now.