Friday, July 24, 2009

The Knee-Jerk Stupidity of Profiling Prof. Gates

If it's true that Professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was already inside his home, having proven residency before the officer arrested him, then I think the officer WAS indeed stupid,
and yes, "profiling" (racism) seems to have occurred. This policeman's colleagues didn't distinguish themselves, either; they appeared to be shocked that they could ever be accused of less than stellar behavior. So here's a news flash for them and everybody else: everyone commits acts of stupidity before they die, a bitter, inevitable fact of life. The president was right to defend his friend; I would have recognized Prof. Gates, but then, I've seen him often on PBS.

Mr. Obama, don't bother setting up a future "kumbaya" meeting with this cop, you have far more important issues to attend to--the economy, health care, Afghanistan, foreign relations, etc. You really don't have the time, and shouldn't have the focus.....please move on. Let Prof. Gates, a very capable individual, handle this; he may choose to file for harassment, or take other action.

Meanwhile, the rest of us need you.

1 comment:

  1. So Mr. Obama did share a beer with these two
    "antagonists"; what was gained? Other than defending his friend, I think the president
    should have stayed well out of it. He just shouldn't spend his time micromanaging every little snafu that comes up.