Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can We Let Anybody Fall by the Wayside?

Reams are being written about all the complexities swirling around the current administration's
health care proposals. I propose to simplify the entire agument, because it IS simple, stark
as well:

(1) Those who object to a public health plan simply don't want to contribute to any stranger's
well-being. They don't care what happens to those less fortunate, bitterly resenting the necessity of putting in any of their kale to help someone else....never mind the fact that wealthy Americans
realize their success in this country, so should be willing to do their part and support those in need. Those blessed with wealth better know that they might become needy someday, themselves.

(2) There are other, public health and safety issues which occur when too many are allowed to become ill and untreated: the spread of contagious diseases, like TB, pneumonia, many others. Resentment bred of unfeeling neglect often contributes to a rise in crime, creating more costs,
disorder and tragedy, ultimately undermining the nation's health.

So, yes, let's not let too many fall by the wayside--we could eventually find ourselves there as

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  1. Thanks, Amber! Good post. What irks me too about the current screeching is that health care is already rationed (it is a finite resource) and already "socialized" (Medicare?). I fear a plan that's not simpler, more affordable, better for public health, but one that merely hands over millions of new customers to the insurance companies.