Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy Like a "Fox": Insanity Creep Grips the Nation

In their "coverage" of Shirley Sherrod, Fox News has
revealed (yet again) several symptoms of organizational
insanity, formerly referred to as "the Big Lie", a tactic
used by the unconscionable over the centuries, but more
recently, spectacularly and hideously, by the Nazis and
racist U.S. southern state politicians of notorious
yore/lore. To wit, (if scarcely witty):

(1)--Say anything! Don't bother with further research, post
a video purportedly making your point without even really
reviewing it, etc. That's what worthy news outlets believe
in doing, yessir. Then, with egg on your face after the world
discovers your egregious error, self-righteously backpedal
and blame the hated Obama White House for not properly vetting
what Ms. Sherrod said at an NAACP meeting.--Whew!
Lie and deny, me oh MY.

(2) Yet insanity creep is gripping much of the U.S.,
because this news outlet is crazy like a fox, knowing
that many Americans are intellectually lazy, won't
dedicate the time to ascertain accuracy in invidious
accusations like this. Sadly and inexcusably,
an administration official was just as negligent as
Fox News. But UNLIKE Fox, the White House jumped to an
apology with alacrity after discovering their mistake,
offering to rehire Ms. Sherrod, who appears to be mulling
such an idea over carefully....very carefully.

Alexis De Toqueville, touring a young America in 1831,
observed the nation's flaws even then, and we haven't,
regrettably, reformed them since. A hunger for novelty,
not delving deeply into important issues or knowledge,
makes Americans hostage to liars of every stripe and
agenda. (Bernie Madoff, anyone? He "made off" with the
money, fulfilling the negative imperatives of his name.)

What M. Alexis saw is at bottom of the worst excesses
and errors of the entire business world as well. Those
laid off during deep recessions are not usually rehired
by their old employers, and at least since 1982, I've
noticed the wholesale elimination of job titles.
Foisting more tasks on those still working has
become common practice.

Are any of you patriotic, truly? If so, don't fall
for the crazy like a "Fox" in our culture. Demand
more from yourselves and all others. After all,
people who love their country can't possibly
enjoy jokes or criticism about their nation's
very public rash stupidities.

At least I don't. Who likes derogatory comments
about their mother? One's country is at once
mother and home....

We forget that at our peril.

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