Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Good Fight Wages on , Everywhere

Just when the constant barrage of negative network news
threatens to overwhelm many of us, with its horrifyingly
repetitive, seeming inevitability, we can be reminded that
everywhere, the good fight wages on.

Here are just a few of the many ways to be inspired:

(1) We can go outside, stay awhile! (But observe all
safety/health measures.) Let's try to do without our
sexy tech cells, etc. for a few daylight hours a week.
(2) Follow PBS (Public Broadcasting) programming, even
their substations, and you will see that everywhere, even
in the poorest sections of the globe, good and positive
efforts are succeeding. Particularly view newscasts from
all around the world, for a better world perspective, and
I don't mean Google Earth, pretty as that is.
(3) Volunteer! Every community has need of whatever
gifts we may possess, so why not share them; the feeling
one gets is like nothing else, even love, but then,
it IS a form of love, no?

Recently I took my own advice (1) and went canoeing for
the first time, thanks to my very kind and smart nephew.
Being on the water in a local lagoon for two hours was
balm indeed for an over-harried mind. Calm waters
can smooth turbulent emotions....even merely recalling
the experience is calming and pleasant.

Following item (2) I found a little something called, which allows everyone to put a program
on tv. It's similar to CAN TV in many respects, but
unlike CAN, only a free broadcast tv with PBS is required
to receive it. Like CAN TV, is accessed by web
and cable as well.

So, yes, this blog focuses on the many errors everywhere,
but now and again good news is great, important too.

Let's join the good fight, wherever we find it.

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