Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Real Civilization Built on More Than Pride, Prejudice and Profit

Certain words get tossed about with surprising impunity.
One of these is "civilization". Has anybody ever SEEN one?
Please don't belabor/berate the obvious: if you think
wealth and impresive architecture inevitably denote
civilization, you and I will surely move on to a stiff

Since most of the imperialistic colonizers were unable
to control overpopulating their original homelands, how
did they become masters of the universe? Why, by the tried
and true methods effective for thousands of years: explora-
tions, military "adventures", conquests, occupations, etc.
"Oh, was this your country? Sorry, it's OURS now." (Usually
there's no apology tendered, though. After all, if I want
something, it's my right to get/have, no??)

--NO!! Civilization to ME means being kind and non-exploitative,
among many other fine qualities I rarely see exhibited among the
Western nations guilty of the lion's share of colonialism. I do
see one annoyingly stupid quality expressed time after time;
public statement of "innocent" dismay and confusion, to wit:
"Why do so many other countries hate us?"

Gee, let me get this, lemme! What reaction can anyone expect
when strangers come in, kill, change your way of life, and start
sucking your natural resources dry?--Hugs, thanks and kisses?

So again: a real civilization must be built on more than
pride, prejudice and profit. When it isn't, I call it
"the victor took the spoils", again.


  1. Ladeira, I like this. What are the cultural goals we are pursuing today? Shouldn't a great civilization have goals and shouldn't each of us sort of know what they are? Here's a couple I like. "...with liberty and justice for all." Take that apart and we'll understand what it entails. Kids say it daily but are seldom asked to break it down. Oy vey.

  2. Oy vey indeed. Now, on your blog, I like
    your guest posters, but I want to see more
    of your own soon. As to me, I wouldn't know how to bring anyone's posts over to my blog. --Bad, eh?

    How about that anti-$20 bill Andrew
    Jackson campaign? I could get behind that in a couple of months when the safer energy/anti new nuke activity dies down.

    Meanwhile, best to you and yours.