Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ashamed to be a Woman, Again

--Not again! A woman killed herself and her children
because her idiot husband cheated on her? Why involve the
kids? An insult to this female's womanhood comes
before the children's welfare? The pathetic story has
now been told by the intrepid ten year old sibling who
saved himself at the last moment.

Of course it's happened before. Who ARE these low-class
females? --Cases of arrested development, period, oh so
high school. No man is THAT important. How desperate, crazy
and stupid must any woman be to kill kids as some misplaced
revenge ("--I'll show HIM, hah!"). I'm betting that as he's
the stepfather, this cheater is less than destroyed over such
a needless tragedy.

Sometimes I'm sorely tempted to propose legislation that adults
must be psychologically tested as fit before being permitted to
bring others into this world.

Meanwhile, in addition to being embarrassed to be a human,
I'm ashamed to be a woman, AGAIN.


  1. Mental illness takes many forms and it is increasing in proportion to our embrace of fiber optic/light speed alienation. The more we say the less we hear and consider. Truly, the irony of our age. Stay well.

  2. Dear Cletis,
    I was beaten by my mother for 12 years,
    my stepfather broke my nose, my mouth
    slightly crooked, etc. I was kidnapped and raped, but used my brainpower to escape,
    44 years ago.

    The point of this sorry recitation is:
    I can't merely say about such incidents reported in the news, oh, how sad, and let it go benignly. How is it I never became a drunk, prostitute, druggie, criminal? I believe it is possible to think through hard
    issues and make sensible choices. Character
    counts, in the end. I think I nailed this
    woman's lack of it squarely where it is. She
    cared more about the insult to her "womanhood" than her children. Once
    anyone brings other helpless beings into
    this world, THEY should become the priority, not any bitter, self-indulgent parents.

    Cletis, I'm not saying I've been a saint. But by having standards, studying and employing introspection, far fewer serious errors were the happy result. For example, even though I'll never win a "best mother of the year" award, I'm a MUCH better one than mine. I never physically harmed anyone, have in fact
    helped strangers on the street being victimized by violent crime. (No guns, knives, etc. Just the power of my personality. I'm really proud of that; I've done it many times.)

    Best to you and yours.

  3. I sense your compassion and strength. We would have been friends. Still are, actually. smile

  4. Dear Cletis,

    Thanks so much for your encouragement, that's
    what most of us need, in the end. I admit to
    being overly judgmental, which makes me a lousy

    Someday, like maybe next year, I want to
    travel to your area, meet you and your wife,
    see the natural wonders of that part of the
    south I've never seen. Meanwhile, It's over to your blogsite! Best Wishes, A.

  5. Amber, I have a new, different blog and would like to invite you as a member. It is more persoonal and I am, at this time, only inviting women I respect. It is called The Book of Jerry. I will need, I think, to enter an e-mail for you. How can we do this?

  6. Amber, you should now be able to access my new blog. I hope you enjoy this aspect of me.