Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting the Moderates: an Illinois Inspiration

Articles written in even well-respected publications
often lead the reader to erroneous conclusions/
generalizations, to wit, all republicans are right-wing
intransigents, it's useless to attempt a meaningful dialogue
on important issues. A similar scenario attends reportage
about democrats, they're all over-spending quasi-socialists.
TV, radio and the web are also happy to exaggerate/
sensationalize, fearing the audience disappears otherwise.
Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times said so quite clearly
in his regular column just last week.

But here's hope: why not meet the legislators? In Illinois, they
are far more accessible, willing to entertain a notion,
than one might think. Out of 59 state senators, at least four
are moderate republicans. Recently I've met with them, discussing
my energy concerns. They've thanked me and my friends, listened
to us, seemed to appreciate getting the material we brought them.
Two bills that were worrying were tabled because of these
approaches. This is an amazing lesson in political engagement
and reaching out to those beyond one's comfort zone....a positive

Each of us has more power than we might be prepared to
believe. Take that gamble, reach out to those you ordinarily
assume won't be interested in your positions.

You just might be glad you did, to say nothing of the rest
of us.


  1. I think that approach will work for some representatives but not all of them. Although it's always worth a shot.

  2. Keep the faith. Getting a pol to back away from an issue is part of their dance.
    You'll be disappointed eventually, but the interim time will be easier to tolerate.

    Inertia's a bitch. ...been pushing a plethora (G) of bad ideas, incrementally, for so long, with a near total absence of "progress", that it's difficult to see any manner of turn-around opportunity.

    Sadly, what you perceive as moderate has shifted drastically over time.

    But good on ya for trying.

  3. Thanks, Cletis and Watcher, for your thoughtful responses. Just want to make sure you guys don't take my thoughts and approaches as any pie in the sky deals. My context, probably 'til I die, is to regard any success I or others achieve as merely kicking the can down the road, then others come after us, kicking it further, etc. (-for good or ill!)
    That, my friends, is the only human progress I've seen, over the last four thousand years that I've been able to retain and understand.
    --Of course, I could be wrong!

    I hope you have a pleasant weekend, both of you and yours. Best, A.

  4. Underground Politics,

    I apologize to you! I referred to you as Cletis, although I bet you admire him as we do.

    Hope your natural scene where you live is like mine right now, lovely, crazy weather and all notwithstanding. In our Chicagoland area, a mother deer and her two fawns have moved out of secluded forest growth into downtown, so far so good. I pray no cretins harm them.

    Best Wishes, A.

  5. Amber I accept your apology :] And I do admire Cletis. He has very many thoughtful insights as to what's going on in our country.

    The weather is definitely crazy right now. I'm so tired of this rain. I do hope that no one harms the deer. I hope they decide to move back to the forest.


  6. Cletis is honored by your kind words.

    Your post reminded me of a little Jewish guy who told the same story around two thousand years ago. Try a little kindness he said. The man gets a bad rap lately but I'm still a huge fan. Now, if his damn followers would just...