Monday, July 4, 2011

Declare Your Independence from Ignorance

Shocking news: 24% of adult Americans are unsure
as to exactly when, and from whom, we declared our
independence. Recent polls describe the country's
woeful ignorance, a continuing embarrassment.
--The greatest country in the world? Maybe, maybe
not, but possibly the most ignorant. Santayana said
those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it,
a caution it's wise to remember. While there's little
danger of Great Britain reasserting its authority
over the U.S., other dangers loom, most fueled by
careless attention to relevant facts.

Truth, Justice, the American Way, isn't that what
we're celebrating this Fourth of July? It's time,
however, for a new declaration: Independence from

Let's do it today, there's not a moment to lose.


  1. America is a melting pot. Being ignorant and oblivious is a god-given right.

    What isn't a given is elevating bone-deep ignorance to elected positions of control and/or a complicit media glorifying non-elected soulless meat-sacks to the exclusion of sane, intelligent reasonable people.


  2. I do my part. I read your blog. (smillleeee)

  3. Hey guys, I'm doing my part too, I read yours!
    Too bad WE aren't running things....

    Best to you and yours, A.

  4. We do have an ignorance problem in this country. Independence from it would be a wondrous thing!