Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time for "Oracle" Orrin to Retire?

Orrin Hatch, desperately consulting his crystal
ball for the U.S. November 2012 presidential vote
outcome, sees an unwanted win--by Mr. Obama. So
the seven term U.S. Senator from Utah, a moderate
Mormon, has decided to inject partisan pejorative
prognosticating into an already sharply divided,
disaffected electorate. He's "predicting" the
President will introduce Romney's Mormon faith
into the general election.--Whew! How wrong was this?

(1) He's forgotten the First Amendment (re: separation
of church and state) even though Mr. Obama HASN'T.

(2) He's forgotten the ugly religious slurs spewed
out by his republican colleagues about Mr. Obama,
but I and others HAVEN'T.

(3) He didn't realize how such forecasting makes him
appear--foolish, down and dirty, just plain wrong.

After an (apparently) unnerving served seven terms in
Washington D.C., equaling an astounding FORTY TWO years
in that fractious,"taxing" body, perhaps looking toward
retirement might actually BE the far-sighted view.

After all, Orrin is neither the Oracle at Delphi nor
the Oracle of Omaha.

1 comment:

  1. Who?? --Horton hatches an egg?? Nope,
    Orrin did it, a rather rotten one at that....