Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Ailes Roger??

Tsk, tsk, Mr. Ailes. Ignorance was not bliss when
he commented on Soledad O'Brien's name during a
question and answer session with journalism students
at the University of North Carolina. --Named after
California's Soledad Prison? Roger's not as swift as
an average rabbit, certainly. "Soledad" is a Spanish
word meaning solitude. It is part of Spanish Catholics'
name for Virgin Mary, also a fairly common first and
last name in the U.S., Mexico and other Hispanic countries.

This person currently heads Fox News. (-?) Informed
and tactful he is not. I'll have to look up other gaffes
he has surely generated over time, some are bound to
be howlers. The "name blame" he attempted to smear
Ms. O with merely garnered Mr. A further opprobrium.

What Ailes Roger? Only those closest to him can say.
He hasn't enough introspection to answer such a

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