Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Santa: We're the 98% and It's Our Turn

The tax cuts for the upper 2% must expire. It's time our interests
are protected; the rich have enjoyed TWELVE years of low or
no taxes, thanks to Bush II and President Obama. The middle class
was included in this munificence, an afterthought to sop
objections. Now we of the afterthought should see center stage
--there are more of us than there is of them.

Here are suggestions that just might work: raise the tax increase
ceiling from $250K to $500K, tax annual incomes over $500K
at a 20% rate. All income levels below $500K should continue
to be taxed at current amounts. Eliminate all the loopholes, find
whatever fraud, waste and abuse exists in the spending sector,
especially military armaments and pork barrel  projects. Freeze
congressional salary increases, as well as for some other high
level government employees. Deal reasonably,  responsibly with
the deficit.  All these steps, taken together, go a long way to
resolving many of our financial issues.

All I want for Christmas is a trip away from the fiscal cliff.

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