Thursday, January 17, 2013

The NRA Shoots Itself in the Foot, Again

The NRA is no stranger to adopting extreme views and tactics.
Lately, though, dragging the Obamas' children into the fray via
a scurrilous ad crosses a significant line, to the NRA's detriment.

It has been accepted practice, for decades, to leave a president's
minor children out of controversy and criticism. That didn't stop
the NRA from claiming hypocrisy or privilege on the part of
Mr. Obama in the latest NRA ad, which reminds us the
President's children are protected by armed guards, while he
promotes gun control.

The NRA's logic is sadly lacking here:
it should be obvious, even to them, a president's family is at
higher risk than everyday Americans.  Too, Mr. Obama's
actions are sensible limitations to the current guns gone wild
reality, while scarcely rescinding our Second Amendment
rights. Who, for example, other than the military, requires
military style assault weapons?

What's logic got to do with it, logic, it's just a second hand

The NRA shoots itself in the foot, AGAIN.

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