Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's Wrong With Georgia?

SOMETHING is, alright: no fewer than two of its politicians,
Gingrey and Broun, both medical doctors, have recently
espoused anti-intellectual and factually erroneous views.
Maybe the Dark Ages are beginning in Georgia; that could
explain such anti-diluvian opinions, stated as fact.  To review:

(1) Aikin (R-MO) claimed that legitimate rape pregnancy won't
happen, as the female body would protect against such an
occurrence. Gingrey essentially agreed, saying his ob/gyn
practice experience bears this out.

(3) Broun abjures  his previous medical and science schooling,
claiming Embryology, Evolution, the Big Bang, etc., are ideas
from the pit of hell to keep us from understanding that we need
a savior.

A modest proposal to the citizens of Georgia and Missouri:
Read a book! Demand your political representatives be
educated and sane, as minimum requirements to hold office.
I bet all this has embarrassed former president Jimmy Carter....

I know it's embarrassed ME.

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  1. A couple of eyebrow-lifting li'l items about Mr. Brown:

    His disavowal of science wasn't his first "conversion". He was once a Democrat. In addition, his father served as a state senator for several decades.

    His district, Georgia's Tenth, includes a college town: Athens, the home of a fairly sizable state university campus. It also includes a substantial coastline along the Atlantic.

    One would think that area would be more cosmopolitan, but I guess it ain't.