Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Being Tone Deaf in Politcs

I spotted former Chicago alderwoman Sandi Jackson entering
federal court in DC wearing a full length fur coat, ostensibly mink.
She's there to plead guilty to tax evasion, while Jesse Jr. will
admit to more serious crimes ($750 thousands' worth), also
today. How tone deaf can anyone be? Such a thoughtless
display will not help the judge to look more favorably on Mrs.
Jackson, whose wardrobe has undoubtedly been paid for, at
least in part, by misusing campaign funds.

Our government in DC is also tone deaf, in far more serious ways:
bungling and inattention there now means we will be without our
five NOAA-operated  weather satellites after 2014, as they will
"die".  New replacements aren't scheduled until 2017 or later--
with evermore severe weather having become the "new normal",
what will be giving the U.S. necessary advanced warnings? In
this last year alone NOAA satellites' weather predictions saved
lives, enabling evacuations before Sandy. The usual
meteorological technology, absent these satellites, does not
provide particularly precise forecasts.

But such inattention DOES have consequences; what will the
reaction be, I wonder, if many lives are lost in a bad storm that
we weren't warned about in enough time? Lost seats in Congress,
even changes in  the White House, anyone?

Memo to our leaders: get the wax out of your ears and the dust
out of your eyes. Heed the music of reality--being tone deaf
doesn't  help anyone, especially in emergencies.


  1. I believe that those "leaders" know what they're doing. They just don't give a damn.

    It seems as if the Republicans are determined to have their way. They yielded once, enabling a tax adjustment (NOT an increase) that added $600 billion to government coffers over the next ten years. (It was simply a repeal of the Bush tax cuts for households making over 400k a year). From here on in, they just gotta have their way.

    When a child throws a tantrum, you can impose some "quiet time". When Republicans do likewise, all anyone can do (realistically) is look toward the 2014 midterms. But if key demographic groups (young and minority voters) take a pass in 2014 like they did in 2010, then we're ALL f****d!

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    1. Dear Anonymous, I don't know how to do that for you or myself right now--haven't taken the trouble to research the relevant instructions which assuredly are on the web. It's a common minor annoyance which has me pretty quick with my delete button!

      Best Wishes otherwise....