Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Say Thank You, Now

"Sequestration", Last  Week of February 2013: 
Mr. Obama is asking very generally, although somewhat
forcefully, for the Republicans to compromise some
and raise taxes.

Wherever I went--TV, web, radio, politics/punditry,
I saw the same verbiage (unintentional rewind, anyone?)
that  significant changes in  the Bush II Era,
(overly generous to the rich) decade-long tax cut
package are now in place, most significantly, the
removal of the Bush tax cut on annual incomes over

If the Dems and other "progressives" (whatever that really means)
are sincere about compromise, this win against the right-wing
portion of the U.S. House should be appreciated, by that I mean
included in published private and public commentary,
EACH TIME,  period.

Kindness and gratitude go a long way with most people, even the
super conservative. Try it; I know this works; I've tried it with a
variety of people. Conversations/debates go a lot better,
i.e., more productively, with less wrangling and hard feelings.

Let's not attempt to rewrite all too-recent history to save face--
Something is really wrong with this February's political statements.

Just say thank you, now.

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  1. I guess expressing appreciation for approving partial restoration of the Bush-era tax cuts couldn't hurt. But somehow, I doubt that many congressional Republicans can be convinced to change course --- unless their constituents staart to give 'em hell. They're too ideologically driven.