Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run, Weiner, Run-- Away from Further, Future Public Office

NO New York Mayor Anthony Weiner, never! Weren't NYC'ers
embarrassed enough with the personal sexual antics of Giuliani?
(You'll recall he had his mistress and wife living in the mayor's
manse at the same time.) He betta fogetta boudit permanently.
A.W. showed pathetically poor taste/judgement by tweeting
(sexy?) pics of  himself to 45,000 followers, and more
personally, via other media, to about six women. (I'm
guessing none went to his wife.)

Here is only a partial list of his many inadequacies which he
displays for millions of us to see:

(1) He is not attractive, as his profile pix plainly show. Hair,
nose and posture sadly lacking. (Full disclosure: I'm no beauty
myself, but this guy needs to carefully clean his mirrors and
stare objectively, thoughtfully into them.) 

(2) Even though he had a pregnant, prominent wife at the time,
that did not suffice to assuage his male mid-life crisis. Crikey,
man, buy a red sports car like other, older self-involved men

(3) His sexually needy ego overrode any sense of the dignity
required of a nations' top leadership, i. e., our office holders.

(4) He thought this could remain private? --How??

Even former Pres. Bill Clinton, somewhat better looking and
much more popular, couldn't get re-elected after his highly
publicized White House affair. So...

Run away now, Mr. Weiner, please. People like you
help give our country a bad name.


  1. Sexual indiscretions are as American as apple pie and violence. It doesn't seem to matter whether such judgmental misfires involve commingling of organs or the targeted cyber display of certain uh-uhs as with Mr. Weiner. (If he was to change the pronunciation of his family name from WEEner to WYEner, at least the corny attempts at verbal wordplay would go
    away as in "Hey, get a loada this! The dude's name is WEEEEner, yuk-yuk!").

    Louisiana Senator David Vitter emerged unscathed, despite his sexual wanderings. And don't forget Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina governor, who's hoping to win a special election for a seat in Congress. This was the guy told his constituents that he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail" when in reality, he was in Buenos Aires diddling his Argentine mistress.

    Will Anthony Weiner heed your advice? Don't hold your breath.

    1. Normally, "Weiner" would be pronounced
      "whiner", so someone in that family seems
      to have wished to avoid such an unfortunate
      cause for taunting--making it even worse,
      referring to street slang opprobrium for a modestly endowed man...oh well!