Thursday, April 4, 2013

Korea vs. the U.S.: Sabre-Rattling Racking Up Escalation to Annihilation

The unthinkable isn't impossible, a scary truism. National nuclear
pride posturing with thousands (or millions) of lives in the
balance is a daily blast blaring from all media, this time Korea vs.
the U.S. Really, even if South Korea bears the brunt of proximity,
many are gunning for the USA, as it's always attractive, tempting,
to try to take down the top dog.

And as others often have said, we ARE slipping. The latest proof
of idiocy in motion, the Sequester, is interfering with our military
readiness, among many other necessities. Should North Korea, a
starving, fantasy-led land of irrational, ignorant people, actually
set off one or more nuclear bombs, it won't be just South Korea
feeling the negative effects.   

Reading back to Benjamin Franklin, who studied the Gulf Stream,
or checking out NOAA today (which we'd be advised to do before
its five satellites "die" in 2014) renders an appreciation yet again
of  just how this is really just one world, atmospherically,
geologically, hydrologically speaking. The several major air
currents make sure that any pollutants do get around, eventually
to us in the U.S.

But as one expert on PBS reminded us only this week, an ordinary
jet can drop nuclear bombs. (-1945, anyone?) Psychologically
speaking, the reptilian brain-mediated motivations of the men in
charge in North and South Korea, as well as here at home, are
far from elevated. As Dr. Helen Caldicott pointed out decades ago,
missiles are phallic symbols built large, and every big shot really
wants one (or more). Penis envy equals missile envy. --The rest
of us? Should we back this Armageddon-style posturing?

Falling domino chains of political alliances could lead us to
annihilation--swiftly. Sabre-rattling is a clarion cry to action,
not by the toffs bellowing, but by billions of us who simply
want to live. 


  1. I've recently read a couple of different theories regarding North Korea's posturing. One posits that saber-rattling is the most effective method of getting financial aid from abroad. Another school of thought is focused on Kim Jong Un's youth; that is, he's just a punk kid who needs to show the rest of the planet that he means business.

    I guess that last theory sort of jibes with the Helen Caldicott perspective regarding the bomb as a phallic symbol. Best case scenario: Little Kim is just another wanker.

    1. least he isn't trying to destroy the Wankel Engine....