Monday, October 6, 2014

Dreamkiller AKA Reality Thriller

Some words are repeated to death; "dream" is one of them.
Whatever happened to aspirations, goals and objectives??
Particularly annoying is the omnipresent phrase,
"The American Dream".  --The?? --As in just one dream
fits all, or is socially acceptable?  Hogwash. This is, we are
told, the land of diversity--that applies to outlook, philosophy
and lifestyle goals, not just to ethnicity and skin color. So if
someone doesn't think marriage and home ownership are the
best "dreams" to chase, what of it? Everyone isn't entitled to
those things, by temperament, character, income, etc. ...
nor does desire for those two accomplishments beat in every

I'm here to be a killer of ordinary, cliched dreams--
there's a lot to thrill, still, in reality. Let's find it!  

1 comment:

  1. Yes mam!! There are I feel goal, dream , life killers.Often people can and do same to them selves .Have a great day!!